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03-05-07, 19:10
SO much information in one day :cln:

I was just wondering if anyone is schedualing to watch Gamespot "On the spot" which starts at 4pm pacific time?

Questions will be answered (I hope)

03-05-07, 19:16
ooh i will, is that 12pm uk time?

03-05-07, 19:19
Oh wow i'm terrible at time zones umm lets see the website saids right now that it will start in 2 hours and 30 mins?


scroll to the bottom and look to the right theres a timer when the show starts,

Sorry if i'm not much help :hug:

03-05-07, 19:21
What's the subject in "On the spot" today?

03-05-07, 19:24
hey larson this is the subject On the Spot is our live interactive weekly show featuring the latest in gaming, coming to you straight from the GameSpot offices!

This week we've got Lara Croft versus Lara Croft with a side-by-side comparison of Tomb Raider: Anniversary and the original Tomb Raider! Also, we head to New York City for a look at the gaming side of the NFL Draft, tear up the turns with DiRT, sneak our way through Tenchu Z, take a tour of the new Gears of War multiplayer maps, and fire up the long-awaited action game The Red Star. Also, we welcome artist Brandon Bird to the studio to discuss his thoughts on video games, art, and of course, Jerry Orbach.

The best part of any episode of On the Spot is our interaction with you. Be sure to catch the live broadcast for your chance to ask us questions using the handy built-in form. Plus paid subscribers can chat with fellow viewers and GameSpot editors while watching the show in higher resolution!

We'll see you live right here, each and every Thursday at 4 p.m. PT, 7 p.m. ET, and Friday at midnight for our friends on the west coast of Europe. Dun-dun! We're live and On the Spot!

03-05-07, 19:26
Ok, thanks! :)

03-05-07, 20:02
thanks, why oh why does it have to be on so late lol