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03-05-07, 21:25
I've searched the manual and forums and can't find help. Solutions on how to do to either or both of these would be greatly appreciated. :]

A) I want Lara to use a switch to trigger a door in the room to open.

B) I want Lara to insert an object, such as a key, into a keyhole to trigger a door in the to open.

03-05-07, 21:28
There's only one place you need to go to find that out!
TRSearch's Flash Tutorial on Activating Doors! (http://www.trsearch.org/Tutorial.php?action=gettut&id=18) :wve:
It tells you how to do each of those things! :D

03-05-07, 21:36
Thanks :jmp:

03-05-07, 22:38
:tmb: No prob