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04-05-07, 16:54
Hi :wve:

Apologies first and foremost for making a slightly odd thread. I've recently started playing LE custom levels, and some of them have been really great. However, I have a slight problem now - I've run out of recommendations for level sets to download :D

I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good levels for me to play. I'll make a quick list of the ones that I've already completed, to save people from repeating ones that I already have saved on my harddrive :)

The complete Underworld - Taking Care of Business series
Coyote Creek (The Team)
Neon God (Nadine Lannte)
Dinosaur Research Centre (Mr XY)
Baptism of Fire (Various)
TR1 Revised (Daoine Sidhe)
Imprisoned Spirits (George Maciver)
The Wrath of Thor (Sue Wicks)

Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks :D

04-05-07, 16:58
The Revenge of Osiris project is definitely a must :)

04-05-07, 17:01
The Revenge of Osiris project is definitely a must :)

Thanks - I was actually looking at those, they seem really cool. The only problem was that I couldn't quite work out what order they should be played in :o Which is the correct order to play them in, or does it not matter so much? :)

Edit - Sorry, just checked out the website and there's a link for the entire levelset. I can be so slow sometimes :vlol: I'll give this one a look then Nicky, thanks for the recommendation :tmb:

04-05-07, 17:18
You are welcome :) There are some levels in this project that are masterpieces. Be prepared for really challenging gameplay though!

Also, if you haven't played Lara at the Movies, you should give it a shot too. And I would recommend Aegean Legends by Trix, it's a classic.

04-05-07, 19:19
Anything by Gmac(George Maciver) is recommended
Lara At The Movies as Nicky suggested
The Quest of Gold series by TC14(very challenging levels,though..)
Uvavoo's Planet of the Ancients trilogy
Richard Lawthers' Unfinished Business series

..and Nadine's Neon God is an absolute must!

Other than that,take a look at just about anything form the trle.net hall of fame..


04-05-07, 19:27
A Witch shall be born (Josep Borrut)

That's a must. One of the best levels out there.

The Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire (piega)

That's also a MUST.

And all levels by tc14. But he is going to release a big gold version of all hes the quest of gold levels. Which will be better so you could wait for that.

and Realm of the Damned (Titak)

And as chrimajon said. All levels by Gmac (George Maciver). You could also try The S*ribblerz Stonez

04-05-07, 20:59
in no particular order:

tomb raider: the rescue (sequel to TR4)

tomb raider: hidden garden (magical game, make sure you download the full version)

tomb raider: jungle ruins 1, 2 0r 3 (great jungle atmosphere)

tomb raider: the south america adventures (excellent TR1 style mammoth adventure, again, make sure you download the full version)

04-05-07, 22:40
Legacy of the gods +bonus pack 1&2 by Luis Martins! They are really special Hmm my favorites hehe.

04-05-07, 22:43
Legacy of the gods +bonus pack 1&2 by Luis Martins! They are really special Hmm my favorites hehe.

How could I forgett?

Egypt and Beyond- QRS

04-05-07, 23:04
At the moment I'm playing Tomb Raider Unfinished Business - Remake (http://www.trle.net/reviewsearch/levelfeatures.php?lid=1636) and very impressed so far. A great remake of the original game. :tmb:

05-05-07, 01:56
Thanks guys, plenty of ideas to keep me going here. I'm currently playing the 'Return to the Temple' level of the Revenge of Osiris series. Nicky wasn't joking, this levelset is definitely tough - and I'm not even at the halfway point :o

...Thank the Lord for trle.net walkthroughs :D