View Full Version : Triggering Flames using the torch...

Zelda master
05-05-07, 08:31
Im trying to make this flame go on by making lara using the torch, but the problem is i dont have any idea of how to set this trigger:o
Anyone know it?

05-05-07, 09:42
I have a torch set up in my egypt wing project. I didn't have to use a single trigger!? Lara picks up a torch in one place walks to a another place with a burning flame emmitter 2, which is on the ground. pressing ctrl makes her automaticly duck and light the torch. then she walks to a pedestal with an untriggered flame emmitter on it. pressing ctrl again makes her lighting the flame emmitter. I did not had to use OCB settings or triggers. Don't know why, but it might be something hard coded? :confused:

Zelda master
05-05-07, 09:57
Sorry i guess i said it wrong, i ment opening a door once both flames are one using the torch :p


05-05-07, 10:29
I have a single heavy trigger for my door under the lit emmitter, you can use multiple heavy door triggers with the trigger buttons set for multiple emmitters, I think?!