View Full Version : re-arranging my wads

05-05-07, 10:53
Due to my overflowing wads I had to back up a lot of them. This left me with a question: When I started script editing, i used a tutorial which copied a script block to the end of the file and let you copie and rename your wad files to the end of the graphics folder.
Now using wad merger a saved wad consists of 5 files, where the original counts 8 being :x.CD-x.LARand X.RAW. Where are they used for and more important are they essential :o

05-05-07, 12:43
They are needed when you convert a .TOM file to the playable .tr4 file.
But if you only want to keep those wads because of the objects they contain you can do with the 5 files that are saved by WADMerger.
Unless you have a wad with a horizon with a certain colour of moving clouds. Then you also need the .RAW file.

The .CD file contains the audio trigger data. It can be opened in notepad and you can then read which rooms contain audio triggers and which tracks are triggered. ;)

I'm not sure about the .LAR file. :o

05-05-07, 18:22
Thank you Titak, I will back up the level wads in the full configurations to be sure and my object wads as they were made with Wadmerger.
I am used to some regularity in my live, but by now my computer doesn't show it anymore :D