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05-05-07, 11:51
Is there a slot for these? I remember these from TR2, and also from Trix's "The Descent" from UB4. Can anyone help me with the slot name, or isn't there one in TR4? Thanks.

05-05-07, 12:23
Works like a charm! :D
I think you can download them (fully compatible with LE) from TR Search Engine. ;)

05-05-07, 15:38
Thanks Titak, but how do you get this slot to harm lara? It doesn't kill her or damage her :confused:

05-05-07, 18:59
The ones I'm using do harm Lara. ;)

05-05-07, 19:19
Well, I've just copied the Damocles sword from TR1 into the slot (using rename in WADMerger), and that doesn't harm her :confused: . It must be possible because as you say Titak, there are harmful falling ceilings on TRSearch. Anyone know how to do it?

06-05-07, 02:28
Perhaps it has something to do with the collision?

Active Man
06-05-07, 04:09
I think it is better to use the CHAIN slot and set the OCB number to 1 in the editor ;)