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05-05-07, 13:38
:) :) HI. This is the first time i have ever advertised what i am doing on this orum; so if i do something wrong; please overlook it.

I want to show you what i am working on (my first project) called

Tomb Raider; The Pseudo Effect


Chris Stills, a medal collector and a former world champion was admiring his now vast collection of medals. Music from the other rooms of his vast expansiveness of his penthouse could be heard. Kids; children playing innocently reminiscent of Chris's own childhood. The tweeting of birds cooing silently in all there randomness. It was an idyllic scene.

It faded away; slowly but surely. The children disbanding back to their own neighbourhoods. The birds eerily muted as though an unknown force had purged all innocence. it was silent. no music was to be heard. Nothing.
Fade in...music. Music; eerily held...constantly legato and flat in tonality. it was not loud however; that would be a mistake on your part. It was like a gentle humming...vibrato and soft. it was behind Chris. It was the medals he so Longley had kept and cherished. Thy were creating this pulsating noise. The gold ones; pulsating out a single low note; possibly E flat or the same key as that. The silver with a mid-tone shrill and the bronze cry a top C or higher.
Chris must've been hearing things; had the toll of living alone struck upon him? he took the gold medal from it's pedestal and held it in his hands....

And he was gone.


"Miss Croft; would like some tea with that?" Asked Winston in his usual fashion.
"No thank you; but gratefully acknowledged Winston." Lara turnt her head to Winston who had receded away from her. "Take a look at this Winston." He obliged and approached Lara once more.
"What is it?" Winston asked inquisitively
"Do you remember; back when i was fresh from boarding school and my father took me to the Olympics in Sarajevo that year?"
"Yes. 1984 If I recall. You were most excited."
"Well according to this newspaper archive on the internet; something happened to one a former athlete and Olympic medal enthusiast medal collector Chris Stills. He just disappeared into thin air."
"Really?...Now lady Croft; i know that look on your face. How do you think you can unravel this mystery?"
"Oh Winston; you do humour me. But you are also completely correct; i do have a plan. But have to reminisce into my past this time; I cannot remember with the mood i am in. I need to lie down and think."
"Very well Lady Croft. All business unless strictly urgent will be taken care of by me. I cannot promise that I'll fit into your holsters; but i will do my part."
"Thank you my dear friend. My father was right; you do know how to treat a girl"


"I am not going nuts... I knew someday it would be true" Said Chris to himself with a demented look on his face. He started to explore his work. The room he had been transported into was the same room .The children; replaced with by criminal drug dealers. Street corners littered with prostitutes and now no birds could be heard. The only wildlife was around the gruesome rats and flies which were vulture to the decaying rot of dark dank bins outside. BOOM! A car had been smashed to into pieces further down the road and was now nothing but a fiery inferno blazoned red and orange. People in that area thrown and shook. Chris opened the door to his penthouse and ventured to the inferno.
"Whoa maann...awesome blast...i give that a 9." A man with haggard clothing and a torn face looked in a twisted delight at the smoky fireball.
"Excuse me; umm...maann..do you know what the day is?"
"Gahh...yeah... I aint stupid...see" The man passed Chris a current but dirty newspaper from under his hat. '8th January 2008'
"Oh my god..I've done it...I've finally done it. !"
"Listen maann...just because ya dress all posh don't mean you can forget manners. There's a bucket over there." Christ looked at the man puzzled but still excited "What you looking at? I've had enough of this...I'm leaving. Stupid pun..." His voice trailed off as though he was approaching premature senility
================================================== ====
Are you ready to take the plunge?

Be prepared to be challanged; stole of your breath and ready to see the bar go up.

I promise you now; i am ready to put NGLE and TREP/Esse/Furr through it's paces.

This screen i know firslty is rough in texturing but i've been working on the project 2 days so forgive me :tea: The texturess are from TRL England and the men on the floor are a modified version of Silent Viper's Terroist (i put it in the SAS-pull slot and modified the textures with injuries. This level is called the monastry and is the title flyby and a level far in the game

Have a nice day

Stranger1992 :) :)

06-05-07, 22:50
Can you help me? (trle; i'm beyond that kind of help ;))


I'm having an attempt at making my own objects and textures.

I decided to start making statics or sometihng similar so i made a bookcase which ca n be pushed. nevermind the texture of the bookcase; i'm working on it ;)

However; the bookcase is too far off the floor (as in the picture).

Can someone help me becuase i'm a newb when it comes to making objects...but i want to learn :)

Have a nice day.

07-05-07, 03:45
in the room editor, select the bookcase and use the floor up/down buttons. If you can't lower it this way, you will have to use your object editor and make the origin higher.