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dnf raider
05-05-07, 14:15
hello everyone, i'm trying to create a new game but there's always
a problem with my patience...i don't have any.The problem is i got
the balance rope animation and there is a sound that shoul'nd be there
how do i remove the sound of that animation without using the sound script.

05-05-07, 16:40
You should be able to find the sound in Wadmerger. Select the animation where she makes the sound. Press the Edit AnimCommands button (the one with 1 and 0's. There you will see frames where a sound is added on wich frame. Delete that and your done. If there is no sound then it's probably hardcoded but I think not as this move is not originally in TR4.

05-05-07, 16:48
Or you could, unless it messes up another part of your game, totally delete the sound file.

dnf raider
06-05-07, 18:41
thanks for the info guys :)
I got a question for you Piega...when will you release your
Santuary of Souls game ?

07-05-07, 16:23
My game has no release date. It's done when it's done. Right now I'm doing an education for fitnesstrainer that ends in June. So the production is on hold. I have not the time I use to have and I cannot rush my game. But it WILL be finished sometime. In the spare time I have now I'm playing with the new editor and 128 x 128 textures for my next project if it will ever come that far :)

dnf raider
07-05-07, 19:59
there is a new editor ???

08-05-07, 16:50
Look at the second sticky topic here ;)