View Full Version : Comeback edition from Levelbase Tribune is online

07-05-07, 21:26
The Comeback edition from the Levelbase Tribune is Online.


Have Fun.


07-05-07, 21:46
Um...I can't understand anything, lol...Does someone have a translation?...
Nevermind: I used babelfish.altavista.com translator...It's great...

[was there a real need for the picture, lmao]

07-05-07, 22:54
In the upper right corner, you can select between German and English versions of the tribune. ;)

07-05-07, 23:31
Oh..I'm so slow...sorry!

08-05-07, 12:27
Paolene's interview was very interesting, I'm so excited about the new engine he's building.

Active Man
08-05-07, 12:47
Very interesting interview from Paolone.
He says that it is possible to use DirectX9 in tomb4.exe and that he already uses DirectX8 libraries for FMVs :cln:
I cannot imagine what will DirectX9 allow us, among fantastic graphics :jmp:
Cannot wait until Paolone finishes TRNG!

Los Angeles
08-05-07, 13:45
Wow. AoD Style Levels!

jeffrey van oort
08-05-07, 14:35
It looks great.
On the upper right you can click the English flagg in order to make the lines change into English.

08-05-07, 16:27
Great interviews there. Something in Titak's interview though: What exactly is a Lage meeting?

jeffrey van oort
08-05-07, 16:49
Lage meeting?

I think the writer meant Large.. but I could be wrong.
It could also be a cage meeting.. or a mage meeting or... a page meeting..
Something like that :D
What can you come up with? :D

08-05-07, 17:04
Lage meeting = Tomb Raider Meeting is in the city Lage ;)

08-05-07, 17:48
Tomb Raider Meetings?! :eek: Thanks for the info. :)

08-05-07, 18:11
Yep, a Tomb Raider meeting. :D
The one in the town of Lage (Germany) takes place once a year. This years meeting will be the fourth I visit. :jmp:

It's basically a whole bunch of TR addicts coming together to play Tomb Raider. A lot of the visitors build custom levels so they help each other out with certain things.
I learned the basics for animating in 3D Max during one of the previous meetings. :D

08-05-07, 18:33
Thanks. I've just looked through the pics on Catherine's site. I had no idea all this went on!

08-05-07, 18:56
I learned the basics for animating in 3D Max during one of the previous meetings. :D

You can teach me 3Ds Max :D
We forgot it last year :(

08-05-07, 20:40
I guess Dutchy and I were too busy playing Nadine's nearly finished Neon God and the Indra artefact. :D

Help me remembering please.
I can show you 3D Max this time. :hug:

08-05-07, 20:50
Where is it?

09-05-07, 08:30
Where is what?
The town of Lage?
It's in Germany. ;)

If you have Google Earth you can find it by typing Lage, Germany in the search field. :D