View Full Version : How can i create TREP patches???

08-05-07, 18:15
Does anyone know how to create TREP patches?
Please help me

08-05-07, 18:19
Make new ones you mean?
Or do you just need to know how to use TREP to patch your tomb4.exe?

As for creating new features for TREP you'll need a debug program and/or a hexeditor. Olly Debug (or something like that) is used by some who have been creating new features either for TREP or just for their own tomb4.exe.

No idea how it works though. I haven't tried it yet. ;)

08-05-07, 18:22
Yes i meant making new ones :)

Thanks anyway

08-05-07, 18:24
Maybe Nowid can help you some more. He is has been making new patches to create new moves for Lara. ;)

08-05-07, 18:29
Ok thanks :)

BTW i downloaded Olly debugger but i don't understand a word from it :(

08-05-07, 19:20
For making your patches, you MUST to know the Assembler, that's the "01011010" but in words ;)

It's normal that you don't understand anything :)
I don't have any english tutorial because i'm french !;)

Edit : It's called OllyDGB ;)

08-05-07, 19:34
Thanks :)
I'll try it then.

09-05-07, 03:41
No idea how it works though. I haven't tried it yet. ;)
I've been building for nearly 6 years now, right from the beginning when LE came with TRC. :D

Just waiting for the right time, I guess :p....

09-05-07, 08:35
Yep. :D
TREP started not to long ago, so it is a fairly new development within the custom level world. (compared to some other programs like WADMerger which have been around for a long time)
I might have a look at OllyDGB after I have finished my HM levels. See if I can make sense of it. ;)