View Full Version : Texturing in Strpix help!

11-05-07, 06:32
Having been making outfits for a while, I know the basics but recently have come up with a problem. My triangular faces don't textrue together with their neighbour to make squares. I am not sure why this started happening, but it happened after my New Age Casual outfit and it has been a serious problem since then. Can anybody help me?

Greatest Regards,

12-05-07, 08:37
Just to let you know, TRANGEL has kindly offered to help me.

Any advice still welcome. :)

14-05-07, 19:19
Please help me TRANGEL was unable to.

none of my triangular faces arranged in sqaures texture correctly. Please tell me what versions of Strpix, Meta and restrtext you all use to help me.

Please, Nick