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12-05-07, 17:39
I finally managed to make a demo of my first level that I finally completed (well mostly) but here is the link-here (http://www.esnips.com/doc/ae3b6902-5503-4294-a075-7cb79393b8e9/Tomb-Raider-Pyramid-Of-Light-Demo)

New tut1.tr4 file-here (http://www.esnips.com/doc/d99fe684-33c3-42aa-ad72-d89ba4e02f1d/tut1)-Fixed lighting problems, fixed the 2nd cartouche piece pickup problem, and fixed wafer thin wall, made level longer

Warning-Do not use previous save games because it will either crash or you will be way out of the level or stuck in a wall

12-05-07, 17:45
Seems I have to sign up to eSnips in order to DL your demo?...

12-05-07, 17:46
hmm thats odd, i set it up so it was public, let me go check

It's Fixed Now

12-05-07, 17:49
AAH!..seems ok now!..or did you alter something?:)

12-05-07, 17:51
the link I set up was pointing directly to the file and it would only let me download it

12-05-07, 17:58
The room where you pick up the hand of Orion is way too dark..and how do I open the gate after the mummy's come thru it?

12-05-07, 17:59
you don't go through that gate that the mummy comes through, there is another gate that opens during the flyby that is near the last flame that comes on and about the lighting, it seemed fine on my computer, I mean I couldn't see the corners but I could see the place where I leave and where the hand of orion is

12-05-07, 18:15
Looks very good so far!..you should add some ambient light to the big colourful rooms,the rolling boulder could be made into a double,with them rolling opposite ways,and you have a stretched texture at the bottom of the looong climbable wall..a bit of free beta-testing for you!:)

12-05-07, 18:18
Thanks for telling me about that texture :hug: , I thought that I had fixed all the texture problems. :) Also, did you see anywhere where spikes could be place?

12-05-07, 18:20
you could have spikes that trigger around the pedestal with the cartouche on it,and have a jumpswitch somewhere which deactivates them..

12-05-07, 18:25
I don't have a jumpswitch in the wad but I might make use with a crawlspace and one of those shatterable vase things where you then crawl to find a lever, thanks alot for the help chrimajon! :)

12-05-07, 18:27
No problem..keep up the good work!..here's another idea - how about some slicing blades in the first tunnel you swim thru?...positioned so you have to swim under/over/under,etc..

12-05-07, 18:32
the problem is that I don't have many traps in the wad I'm using, and I don't want to go put more objects into the wad, but thanks for the option though, maybe the next part of the level, which I will build when I run out of room on this level, I'll put more objects in the wad to use.

12-05-07, 18:32
Yes, I too, thought it was a tad bit dark, and, I think it was just my game, but the game crashed when I attempted to save..:confused:

12-05-07, 18:35
Mine saved/loaded ok..I assume you ran the game straight from it's own folder?..no need for TRLE..

12-05-07, 18:40
yea i had advanced save game management enabled and you need a "SAVE" folder so if it was run from trle and not in the folder it would crash

12-05-07, 18:51
I use TRLevel Manager...

:yik: I found a wafer wall :yik:
[in the bottom part of the room that has that tomb in the center] I don't know how to describe the room...um...the one right after the room with the flyby, mummy, and the lights that light up during the flyby....
btw: Great work on that flyby sequence at the beginning, I really loved that effect! :tmb:

12-05-07, 18:57
btw: Great work on that flyby sequence at the beginning, I really loved that effect! :tmb:

Thanks Izzie404

and about the wafer thin walls, I have noticed them, but I just haven't got around to fixing them yet

12-05-07, 19:23
Alright, it's really great work.
My graphics card is very weird with games, so it really spazzes everything sometimes, but I was just wondering where the demo ends...Is it when you drop into that little room that was like...inside that big four-sided pyramid thing...again...hard to describe

12-05-07, 19:25
sorry, i was planning to end the game there but i was irritated that and lazy so I didn't make it go back to the title screen, but now I have continued on and you fall down a hole in there into some water and swim through it

12-05-07, 19:28
Okay, I just wasn't sure, because my graphic card made the ground there really spaz-tastic and I couldn't tell if there was supposed to be something there, lol...

12-05-07, 22:36
Post pics! :D

12-05-07, 22:58
I have some pictures that I captured. If Katmandoo would like me to, I could post them...

I have 17-ish pictures, that I can post

13-05-07, 00:33
That is fine you can post them :)

13-05-07, 00:59
k, Thanks:

Here are some pics:

This is my favorite :D

Is this the real end for Lara:

Oh, maybe, THIS is the end for Lara:

This is what my weird glitchy-graphics look like at the end:
Everything looks really weird at the end...=\.....I don't think this happens to anyone else...

13-05-07, 01:06
I should be finished with this first level by the end of this week so I'll upload it and you can just overwrite the file in the data folder

13-05-07, 02:08
Should we still download from the same link, or will it be a different link?

13-05-07, 02:13
it will be a different link

13-05-07, 02:28
I just played it, and its very nice :) but I suggest lowering the ambient lighting in some areas, things are just a tad bright :o

13-05-07, 03:00
I just played it, and its very nice :) but I suggest lowering the ambient lighting in some areas, things are just a tad bright :o

lol, except for the first dark room...It's already pretty dark. People were having trouble seeing...

13-05-07, 03:00
Thank you :) and I know that some is too bright, I'm going to tweak everything this week but here is the completed level for now-here (http://www.esnips.com/doc/2288d35d-2c69-41fc-952d-bea650f81b09/tut1)-just overwrite the tut1.tr4 file in the data folder

13-05-07, 03:09
Anything changed?

13-05-07, 03:11
in terms of lighting, no but you can finish the level this time, i added 12 more rooms and you can continue from where you drop down in that pyramid thing

13-05-07, 03:37
I thought it was awesome but i didnt think there were enough enemies or puzzles imo i thought it was ok though very nice work:hug:

13-05-07, 03:41
I'm very happy that everyone likes it because I always quit building and start over before I can let anyone see it.

Also, I know there aren't enough traps or enemies but hopefully I'll have that fixed within the next week to perfect this level and learn some more things to put together

And another thing, ajrich17901, did you download the new tut1.tr4 file in the post that is 2 above your's?

13-05-07, 03:55
i just did now theres something wrong though:o

u know were u pick up the second piece of the ancient egypt item it starts wit a c i forget the name it wont let me pick it up and its floatin in the air any ideas how to fix this i wanna keep playin im lovein this level:hug:

13-05-07, 03:59
I must have messed up the ocb code, now that i think of it, I forgot to put 68 in it and anyway that gate is the end of the level anyhow, but thanks for the compliment on the level, I didn't think it would be this good. Also, did that rollingball kill you when you were swimming after jumping into that pyramid thing? :)

13-05-07, 04:02
hahaha first time yes it did :o

do u think u can fix it quick lol i wanna keep playin ^_^

13-05-07, 04:06
Well when I do get it fixed it will be over with once you walk through that gate on the other side of the room

13-05-07, 04:09
ohhh wow hahaha go me i actualy beat something of tomb raider on a computer:tea: hahahaha

13-05-07, 04:12
I'll upload the perfected one when I do perfect it :D which will be another 2 weeks

13-05-07, 04:38
can u send me a pm when u complete it? i definetly wanna see what else there is to this level ;)

13-05-07, 04:51
can u send me a pm when u complete it? i definetly wanna see what else there is to this level ;)

No Problem :)

It will be at least 2 weeks before it is done though

13-05-07, 16:44
I have finished that demo now, all problems have been fixed and the link is on my first post

13-05-07, 16:49
You're a pretty fast builder..:eek: I'm going to go check out that updated version :wve:

13-05-07, 16:51
You're a pretty fast builder..:eek: I'm going to go check out that updated version :wve:

All it was is a few small rooms that I added and fixed the problems that I could find, building the entire level would take more time though

13-05-07, 17:21
Was there a point to have two exits?
It looked like the one to the left was a timer...is the tomb going to collapse?! :jmp::D

I really love it!

It's about 10 min. gameplay so far...

Great Job! :tmb:...

13-05-07, 18:34
Thanks Izzie404 :hug:

I'm just wondering, did you get the hand of sirus?

14-05-07, 01:36
Yea, I did :p, I wasn't sure if there was anywhere to put it, though...:o ...Is there?

14-05-07, 01:39
Yea, I did :p, I wasn't sure if there was anywhere to put it, though...:o ...Is there?

There is no place, it is used for the level that will be up after that slope is, if you didn't get the hand of sirus there would be a door closed to that room, but I fixed that problem and made it so you had to take that way if you get the hand of sirus. And I'm sure now that I'm finished with the level so I'm going to upload the new version in a few.

30-05-07, 17:48
I have just finished the second level of pyramid of light but I can't seem to make the levels take longer than 10 minutes, and that was with me taking the side trips to the secrets so could anyone help me with ideas?

Anyway, the game is straightforward so far, most of you have played the demo which was the first level, I have made a few minor changes since then and the title has been expanded but is not complete. The first level is the only level that has two level end areas which if you find the secret it will unlock the extra level which is between The Tomb Of Orion and The Tomb Of Lost Time. And currently I am working on The Hour Glass which is the third level where you are inside the hourglass that you will find and the end of the second level. I'll post pics after awhile of how everything is looking.

Edit: Here's A few pics

Pic1 (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight/pics/sand.jpg)

Pic2 (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight/pics/lava.jpg)

Pic3 (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight/pics/time.jpg)

Pic4 (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight/pics/time1.jpg)

31-05-07, 20:45
Ok, I have done alot of work with the first level: better lighting, retextured some areas.

I have 2 pics of the same place but one is after i retextured and put some lighting in it.

Old (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight/pics/old.jpg)

New (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight/pics/new.jpg)

31-05-07, 22:12
Really nice :D

31-05-07, 23:10
Thanks dizzydoil :hug:

02-06-07, 16:46
For all who have downloaded the demo, when you get to download the final version of the game, it will be nowhere in comparison with the demo.
There are like 20 more room since then, I've retextured some areas and fixed textures that were stretched, added 2 more traps, and put some scorpions in the level

Edit: I forgot to mention that I made a small website for the game off of my old website- Tomb Raider-The Pyramid Of Light (http://gamersfury.ath.cx/pyramidoflight)

03-06-07, 01:21
I have put bump mapping on the game now, and to me it looks pretty good. Here is a pic


(just a reminder these are on my website and go away at a certain time while my computer is off)

04-11-07, 02:21
Dang, it's been 6 months since I last updated this, so I'm sure you want some pics.






There will be more soon when I upload them to my website at www.katmandooproductions.ath.cx (http://www.katmandooproductions.ath.cx) but all of these are from my facebook which they have abnormally long links. But please tell me what you think of them. :)

04-11-07, 11:17
Looking good:)

04-11-07, 15:24
Thanks, I did have a demo of the completed first level but I don't know if the correct link is on the first post though.

Edit: It seems that someone has deleted the file, I have a feeling my web hosting company has been snooping though them or I just deleted it because it had problems...

Edit: I have re-uploaded the file and it has the first 2 levels in it