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13-05-07, 12:03
Ok, this should hopefully be my last question after this one's answered!

I have a tribesman entering my house and what he does is that he immediately runs towards Lara to attack.

Umm...the problem is that when he enters the gun cupboard room, all he does is aimlessly run around. He doesn't attack Lara at all, even if I shoot him.

Any solution to this? I checked the pdf Tutorial file and the LE FAQ, but I can't find the solution for it.

Active Man
13-05-07, 12:21
From where did you download him?

13-05-07, 12:23
TR Search. (http://www.trsearch.org/) He's fine when he's in other rooms, but why the Gun Cupboard room...?

Active Man
13-05-07, 12:24
Is the room small?

13-05-07, 12:30
Yes, quite so. I guess I have to expand the room then? :(

Active Man
13-05-07, 13:38
Well, not quite ;)

Expand the room (at the end, if the below tasks do not work)

Add an AI_GUARD nullmesh beneath the enemie

Trigger the enemie on the entrance of the gun cupboard room

Try those tasks. If they do not work, expand the room then ;)