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15-05-07, 08:15

I made this level and it loads fine when i input it into the level covertor before i added these rooms, i tried a courtyard type room and it wouldn't load and ended up with only 2 steps on the convertor.

I loaded an earlier save and made another room this time a building with a hole in the roof for water to collect in it.

But i still have the same problem, it seems that whenever i add another room to my project it crashes the level convertor.

Anybody who may have experienced this problem before please help.

(i'll show the error message and how far it gets before it crashes.)

Converting C:/Program files, etc etc
Room tex infos: 53

It then crashes, I am using the coastal ruins slot for the game to load. I'll try another but i don't think it'll work because i think i tried b4.

15-05-07, 08:19
You had only closed rooms before?
No you've tried to add an opening and it crashed... Have you added sky, etc?
Wait for some experience level builder to come :) But you can check the things I pointed to.

15-05-07, 08:24
Well i always had open doors before, they weren't all box rooms. And it might be because the wall that was the door was previously textured. i'll try deleting the door and see if it works.:)

Edit: na it's not because of the door. And it worked with sky before.

15-05-07, 08:32
I just loaded an earlier save and made a crawlspace coming out of a different location. It loaded perfectly and the Room tex infos bumped down to 36.

Would this mean anything, i'll try experimenting anyway.

Edit: Its seems to have to do with the water animation ranges, it bumps the tex infos above 40 so the thing doesn't work. How do i solve the water issue without making it look still and un-waterish.

15-05-07, 09:35
Wait for level building specialists :) I'm sure they will explain everything and help you soon.

17-05-07, 11:34
Does the level convertor crash, or does it just stop displaying output?
Large levels cause the program to stop displaying, but it is still converting the level. You just have to wait until you can move the window to know it is done. You should be able to play the level.

18-05-07, 08:55
Nope, it's definetely crashing.

19-05-07, 10:31
Are you running Windows XP? If so, can you post all of the error you get when it crashes?

20-05-07, 07:11
tom2pc.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

(Info about how you might lose information etc)

For more info click here (Then)

AppName:tom2pc.exe AppVer: ModName: tom2 pc.exe

ModVer: Offset: 00005bdp

20-05-07, 23:24
Actually, I was hoping for the register contents. The technical stuff.