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15-05-07, 19:55
i built three rooms and i don't know hot to connect them
please help me

Tomb Raider Master
15-05-07, 19:57
Select some wall squares and press the "door" button. Make sure the rooms are on the same level.

15-05-07, 19:59
Click on the 2D map and all the rooms will be layed out. Right click and drag them next to the room you want it to be next to (Make sure that they are in the right position also). Click the part of the room where you want the door and click the black square.

Hope that gobbledegook make the slightest bit of sense to you :p

15-05-07, 20:48
I believe that there is more information in the TRLE Manual provided with the program...

16-05-07, 15:01