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16-05-07, 15:03
1. How to install a new move?
2. How to place downloaded objects?
3. How to make a sea?

16-05-07, 15:43
Basically, with WADMerger's Animation Editor.
Animations can be created with that tool and animations can also be exported/imported with that tool.

A completely new move needs some more work, you may even need to patch the tomb4.exe to make it work since Lara's moves have StateID changes and such and you can't assign new StateID's to most of the animations. (hardcoded) ;)

You need to add the downloaded objects to your own levelwad using WADMerger. After they have been added to your own levelwad you can load the wad into Roomeditor and place them. ;)

A sea is basically a large pool of water.
Do you know how to make water? :confused:
If so then a sea is no different, only bigger.

16-05-07, 15:45
no, i dont know how to make water

16-05-07, 15:51
Sorry, I have no time to explain all that right now (I'm at work)
It is also explained in the manual. ;)

In short:
You basically stack two rooms and connect them with a horizontal door.
Go into the lower room and click the 'W' button right below the 2D grid. This will assign 'water' to the room so Lara will start swimming when entering the room.
Then go to the upper dry room and select the door to the waterroom. Click the toggle-opacity2 button so the door will look solid. (This will be the watersurface) You can then texture the door with the water textures.
Make sure you click the transparant and double sided buttons first, before applying the textures. If you don't do this the water textures will not be transparant. ;)

16-05-07, 16:02
Once you know how to make water, I'd recommend Piega's textures:
They look very good as a lake/ocean.

17-05-07, 10:21
Thank you