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17-05-07, 00:13
Hi all i have a few problems with the editor and i just cant seem to sort it out...

1. The "baddy2" guard (the red ninja thing with uzi and sword) never works with the trigger, and what is the best way to set a trigger for an enemy. My method is to first click where the trigger or area will be and then click the object and then the little pink trigger button. This works fine with other things like scorpions but not the ninja :P

2. How do you make doors !!?, i cant make them and also i havent a clue how to script them, the in editor manual is terrible at explaining and im really stuck, any help is really appriciated. (The script options completly baffle me).

3. The last bit which is also trigger related is about making all this stuff with trigger triggers and other bits, is there any in depth pictoral walkthroughs i can look at or any advice really would help.

Thanks alot and its glad to finnaly be a part of the community !!


17-05-07, 01:04
1. The reason it doesn't work is because you will have to click on the object first (in this case the ninja) then select a square (In the 3d window!) and then set the trigger you want. Try that and see what will happen :)

2.Do you mean door objects or portals that connect rooms? If it is the object you just place them and trigger them (like above!) If it is portals you need two rooms that needs to be on the same "level" Then highlight where you want the door and press the "door" button. If you want the portal under or over the room you do the same but you need to check that the ceiling in the lower room is the same as the floor in the upper!

3. I suggest you leave this part for now, as you hardly know the basics yet. Using bits and trigger triggerers are a bit complicated. You need to either work through the manual or find other stuff that makes you learn. I hated the manual myself, so I asked, browsed all forums I could find and searched for tutorials. I always recomend Uvavoos' excellent tutorials. I learned a lot from them


I do suggest that you work with the manual a bit more though. You don't need to be hardcore about it. Just check bits here and there..like how to make water rooms, connect rooms etc. Some of your questions are so basic that it is hard to find the answer somewhere else!

Good luck and I look forward to play your levels!!

17-05-07, 01:58
Thanks alot !!, simple mistakes thanks to me hehe, yeh i read through the entire manual and most of it makes good sense but never describes it well such as "look in the tutorial level to see how the enemy is scripted..."

LOL dosen't say much about making it hehe.

Il try it out now, thanks alot again :D

17-05-07, 13:34
(woops double post :) )

I tried it out and now i can do water rooms, switches opening doors and many other cool things hehe. Just been thinking about the textures as they are so bad the level editor only comes with 4 and they are quite limited..

How do i add textures to my WAD and is there any good WAD packages out there.


17-05-07, 13:51
Look in the stick FAQ thread for useful links and information.

17-05-07, 18:56
cool, i downloaded some extra egyptian theme bits, and works nicely too :D.

hehe, this has seemed to turn into a random question thread,..How do you script music is what im stuck on as my fly by camera looks really nice panning over into the big chamber/rock room but still has the crappy tomb music.

Any links ect would be appriciated alot !



17-05-07, 19:21
If you look in your audio folder, you find all the tracks you can play in TRLE.
When you open LE and go to the trigger window , click left upper corner (Object), in the new window choose CD and put a number of one of the tracks to the right-enter- and click oke. Now you have a trigger for that audio file where ever you want to place it. Most likely on the same spot as where your fly by starts. Most wonderfull when it matches the lenght of the fly by! :)

17-05-07, 20:31
I tried the exact method but i dont understand it still dosent work ?

I want to get track 091 to play, so in the CD number i typed in 091 and set it as a trigger and it dosent work. Another odd thing was i was trying to set the camera trigger under the lever trigger so when you pull the lever it shows the door it opens but it said "cannot overlap special triggers"

Oh and how do you delete the pink triggers ? I have made a mistake where its a constant loop and i want to start over...

I feel i have much to learn :D

EDIT: ok i managed to get the sound to work a bit...but everytime no matter what song number i enter whether its 040 or 009 ect it always plays the 000 song which is a simple "da da!" like a warning noise.

Its really annoying i think i might be doing something wrong i will go through my method...

1. Set trigger to CD
2. click the right button on the number and delete the 0 then type in 040 and press enter
3. then press OK
4. then select the area
5. and finish by pressing the pink button

And it never works :D

EDIT 2: Oh and another interesting idea...how do you script the enemy to drop medi kits ect when they die, i have learned alot about how the scripts work but i just need to know how this script works...cookies for everyone who helps :D

18-05-07, 07:48
It sounds the right way, but getting the warning da-da means cd number one is on. check your pink cd trigger for the number (..) if it's still 0, you did something wrong.
your cd window should look like this:

To delete a pink trigger, select it in the left upper grid again and press delete!

To leave pick ups behind, place them on the same start position as your baddy!

18-05-07, 10:41
I tried to change it from "40" which may be the problem as in the audio its name is "040" but when i click on the trigger to change it to 040 it then just updates and puts it to 40...

I tried to do it again and it still changes to "40". I'll add pictures...

This is the song i want to use in game,

Now in the editor i select CD from the trigger type and then the number reverts to 0 allowing me to enter a number for the track

I choose number 40 as it is amazing...lol, i leave the 0 as it is called "040" in the file list and type in after the 0 "40".

Now i leave it as a trigger so when she enters the space it will "trigger", i then select the "one shot" so it only plays once and then press OK.

Now i notice it updates and changes from "040" to "40" in the trigger screen when minimized, i now select the area and then press the pink box to create the area.

And after all that it still plays that damned "da dum!"... lol :hea:

Well... while i am here i may aswell show you what i am fighting for...







I feel it is a just cause to try to fight !!

EDIT: Haha !!, i got it... i managed to notice that i was somehow leaving it as 0 as i wasnt pressing ENTER i was pressing OK first. Oh im so happy i got some dramaticly soothing music as you look down the sliding shaft bit. Oh and the enemy carring objects works a charm and will help loads with my level planning so thanks alot basicly EVERYONE who replied to my posts its been a huge help.

And its nice that i finally joined up i really want to share my levels when they are done !!


18-05-07, 13:16
Oh and on a side note... how do i get my water to have well... a water texture ?, it works as water and the reflections work but no visible textures... anyone know why ??


And how do I make a camera flyby sequence to start after i have used a switch to open a door as the moment it says "cannot overlap special triggers", is there a way around this or to create a trigger to trigger the camera trigger ? :D

18-05-07, 13:49
Well, off to a good start. Well done.
To texture the water.
1. In the plan view, select the DOOR to the water.
2. Should turn red in the 3d view.
3. Click the toggle opacity 2 button.
4. Click the Transparent and Double sided buttons.
5. Texture the water with the water textures.

18-05-07, 14:27
haha nice one Uvavoo it works quite nicely :P

Still confused with 2 things...

1. I cant get the flyby camera to work with doors and switches
2. When i use the camera as a trigger when you go over it, it will play forever in loop mode even when single shot is enabled :D

Zelda master
18-05-07, 14:44
When you want the camera to open a door you need a Heavy trigger...

1. Place a trigger for the door underneath the camera...
2. click on the textfield next to the pink trigger button and press in the poped window on trigger...
3. Then pick Heavy trigger...
4. press ok and close the small window now place the trigger...
5. open the OCB seeting from the Camera with O and mark the 14, 14 makes the camera trigger the door ;)

Now if you have done it right the camera should open the door...
The thing you did wrong with the looping is that you used normal flybys without any settings ;)
here are the seetings for a camera if it needsd to snap back to Lara ;)


18-05-07, 15:24
Thats odd, where is the option for a heavy trigger ?,


Also what bit does the switch come in, is the switch used to trigger the camera that then triggers the door ? :D

EDIT: oh its called "heavy" that makes sense... hehe, so now i have my door and camera flyby linked together, how do i bring in the switch that activates the camera as i cant place a camera trigger over the switch trigger ?

EDIT (AGAIN): So, i tried again and i understand it now !, the switch links to the door and the camera is linked to the door, so they are all linked together, i tested it and it worked and im so happy now :D

Zelda master
18-05-07, 15:50
Well im happy you got it working:)

18-05-07, 18:31
You're doing fine,danzaboy. a couple of nice screens which show that you are on the right way!
It seems "you are learning the most while editing your post". Might be a nice signature.:D

18-05-07, 20:50
Hehe, here is a fun question...why are the flame emitters on the ground, i made it so they where raised just above the tower things but they are still right on the ground...

Lara added for additional laughs :D



Zelda master
19-05-07, 10:37
Click on the Flame Emmiter and then press three or four times on the Floor + button, this will make the flame be higher ;)

19-05-07, 12:59
hehe, thats what i did and its still on the floor. lol maybe they are sturborn :rolleyes:

EDIT: oh... i got it to work finally :D

19-05-07, 17:08
Ok, now for some more problems, lol...

The flame emiters i have work, they are also at the right hieght but in game they stick way out from where they should be, in other words they arent anywhere near the torches...

The next problem is quite major, I cant get the camera flyby to only play ONCE and only once, it continues forever in a loop. I only get this problem when i set it as a trigger type, when used with switches ect it works fine...

I'll go through what i do, First i create the camera sequences and make sure that the OCB settings look like this...

Then i select where if the player will walk or jump over it will activate...but it plays in a constant loop even when OCB setting 0,6,9 and 10 are all turned on.

And this one isnt so serious... i cant seem to get sound to play with a flyby, same problem with special triggers bieng overlapped but in this case i dont know at all how to start the music when the camera begins to do the flyby,..

Oh and is it possible to get crocodiles to swim in water, mine just spaz about trying to walk in the water lol, and on my level... i am running the karnak ambient music as it starts outside but how do i make the level music change for when you go inside and out ect like in the real karnak level ?

When i get the hang of this im publishing my levels btw, i think you all deserve to see the outcome after giving me so much help :D


(P.S- if you are wondering what bremise is, its a program to slow your processor down so i dont get the spinny rubbish with my dual core beast :D - I run it twice to gain more effect and more slowdown so level editing is possible...lol )

19-05-07, 18:32
1- For the torches use flame emmitter 2
2-for the crocs to swim, make the bassin deeper
3- I am not sure from your screens, but it seems you pushed the one time button and it still loops? Try to use a simple trigger for the first camera and put a CD trigger on the same spot. I gues using the flyby(0) trigger makes the camera looping!:o

19-05-07, 18:43
Replace the flyby trigger with an ordinary trigger (As Pedro just said). Then it should work. To make the music change, just put a simple cd trigger where Lara walks with the new music and another trigger with the standard music when she gets back. Make sure you place those triggers where Lara must walk. Otherwise you might need to make multiple triggers etc.

19-05-07, 19:01
I was recently told that, to get the flame in the center you must set the OCB to 123

19-05-07, 19:23
sweet !, see i havent seen any guide with that info in !!, thanks guys il try it out right now :D

Great News... the flame emiter 2 is just smaller, its still in the middle, i laughed when i saw it haha.

I'll try out the suggested ideas for camera and music now...

EDIT: Ok, anyone who is like me and still learning, im gonna help you a little. Never EVER use the flyby trigger even though its a flyby camera, trigger the first camera and pretend its on its own so set the trigger type to CAMERA. Becuase you set the cameras in the same sequence like camera 1,2,3,4 ect it will follow on. It worked flawlessly and the music went perfect woo !!.

Now if i could just get those damn flames working !! :D

Special EDIT: If anyone wants me to make a tutorial on things i have learned with many pictures and tips on these... then just ask :D

Scripting doors to open with switches
Using cameras with doors and switches
Making realistic outdoor settings
Using different light colours to make different moods


19-05-07, 22:33
For the flame emmitter, 2 raise it two clicks and rotate it by right clicking ;)
Flyby is great for following sequences, or title screens. It makes you take to the start of a new sequence or repeat your title screen!

20-05-07, 00:17
I did rotate it pointing at the torch but it still is in the middle lol maybe its an OCB code thing but i havent a clue...

Also on a side note for some strange reason when lara is hit with bullets instead of whatever noise it makes it makes a weird water noise, does anyone know if this is a bug or something such as misplaced files :confused:

Other than those 2 fairly important bits, my level is coming along quite nicely :D, but i have exams in 2 days so that shows how important this is to me :jmp:

EDIT: Ok, i read this about emiter2...

1 Makes flame half normal size
2 Moves flame along in direction of cone and extinguishes when making contact with water
(with orange flash effect)
3 Makes flame a small light
123 Makes a small flame in the middle of the square (good for candles)

But when i put as 2 in the OCB it extingishes all of them :(

20-05-07, 07:56
There should be no OCB settings needed. In your wad you have:
Flame emitter
Flame emitter2
Flame emitter3
For the torches use flame emitter2, place them on the ground, under the torches, and raise them towards the toches, if neccessary rotate them by right clicking.It should be one of the easiest things in LE.:p

20-05-07, 19:27
Ok, it still dosent work so im just going to not use it lol...

Oh and for some reason my sound is completly messed up, her guns dont make the right noise, baddys make no noise ect.

How can i somehow preserve my level i have made and reinstall the sounds ?

I dont know what to do to fix this issue any help would be appriciated



EDIT: Ok, i think its related to something i downloaded it was a moving snake that was ment to be very popular. The sound files say "not located" in the level converter even when i replaced the egypt.sfx and egypt.CD i just dont know why it still is saying cant find it as i deleted the snake file and there is no snakes on my game.

Is it related to my output wad ?

And if so does it mean i will have to delete my level ?

EDIT: Oh... i had to reinstall TRLE but on the plus side... no more audio problems AND i got the flame emiter 2 working, someone should have told me that with flame emitter 2 it needs to point AWAY from the torch hehe :D

Oh and where is that tutorial on making a level instead of just overwriting tut1 lol... i cant find it anywhere :P

EDIT: Nevermind i manged to do it by guess work woo :D

20-05-07, 21:49
Gah...it didnt work, i need the tutorial on how to make the level instead of over writing another one after all... :D

Any links would be appriciated :jmp:

20-05-07, 22:23
Before you get editing again!:ton:
Good for you the emitters work by now!
1- always save a copy of you WAD file so if you loose your sounds you can reinstall, I learned the hard way:o .
2-The basics of making a extra level:
Copy one block from the script file to the bottom and rename it.
Copy the name, and overwrite a unused line in English. txt
copy and paste all the original files in graphics and rename them.
Run English.scipt (the cog again) and put your new DAT files in the main folder.

good luck;)

Oh yes, make a new project folder containing your new TGA.

20-05-07, 23:48
Hi again pedro hehe, its alright i done it all lol. One thing that is really bugging me at the min, everything else works dandy now except for when lara is hit by bullets it makes a really stupid water noise. I just re-installed the level editor and it still does it ?

Any ideas why ? :confused:


Also, does anyone know of a program that can be used to edit objects textures on them, i have a pushable block but it is very modernly themed and i want to re texture it for my egypt game.

All comments welcome !

21-05-07, 03:24
For texturing objects use StrPix (http://www.geocities.com/cyber_delphi/strpix3/index.html)

21-05-07, 07:41
The bubbles sound is a common problem, but i forgot how to solve it!:o Maybe someone else? Do you have baddy1-meshwap3 or baddy2-meshwap2 in your folder. you need them in combination to fully work!
As for texturing look at this nice tutorial by cornchild:


By the way all the tutorials by this autor may be helpfull!

21-05-07, 09:28
Oh thanks for the replies guys i really appricate it !!, i have both baddy_1 and baddy_2 in my wad. Can i only have 1 and how do i check which mesh i have.

Oh and strpix dosent like to work for me, it just screws up and never loads lol. But i'll definitly try that wadmerger idea pedro :jmp:

Ok i deleted baddy_1 from my wad and for baddy_2 i have meshswap2 for it ?

21-05-07, 11:03
I also am unable to download any objects that make noise as it always says in the level converter "cannot find noise ###.wav" and even though my objects that i download come with a .sfx file how do i put this with my egpyt level sfx ??

Its basicly ruined my levels 3 times i really dont want to have to start over again... :hea:

I will go through what i think may be the problem, when I update and convert my level it reads this message...

I think it is because the wad im using (the trap thing) has its own .sfx file and my guess is this has to be implemented into my current wad somehow.

The problem is i tried in wad merger and all that can do is select sounds from my current levels .sfx and not import them to what i know.

So basicly, how do I get my downloaded wads to have the sound effects with them and not screw up my levels sound (again :D )

EDIT: Or is it related to the sound directory with all those wierd sample sounds that make up the game ?, such as pistol noises ect do i need to change the sound directory when converting and if i did wouldnt that make many more errors ?

EDIT: Ok, i read up on Tikaks tutorial on audio and sample noises and im a bit confused as to what its in relation to, i was thinking does my object i downloaded that has noises from TR3, are the noise located here....

Im guessing that tblade = trap blade ? which is what my object is that isnt working, its a trap blade from tomb raider 3.

Now im really confused :???

EDIT: I also enabled every single noise in the WadManager and all that did was add to the list of unfindable sounds like "bubbles" lol.

Does this mean i cant ever have any custom content ?

21-05-07, 13:25
Downloadable objects from other TR games tend to cause this samples issue.

- Open your wad in WADMerger.
- Select the object which needs the custom sound.
For example the trabblade.
- Click the Animation Editor button.
- At the bottom of the Animation Editor screen is a list of the animations the object contains. It should be one or two animations for the trapblade.
- Select the animation in which it moves.
- Click the little button with the 1's and 0's on it.
The AnimCommands window will pop up.
It has all the effects assigned to the animation listed, including sounds. You can change/delete/add sounds to an animation this way. So if the BLADES_DRAW sound is assigned to your wad and if it is present in your Samples folder you can add it to the animation, thus replacing the missing TR3 sound. ;)

The below screenshot is a bit messy but it might still give you an idea of what I'm talking about.


the 'bubbles' sound:
This is in fact the sound used by the underwaterdoor object.
When it can be heard when enemies are firing at Lara is usually means that the level contains to much sfx info. You can fix it by removing unused sounds from your wad or you can use a silent sample which replaces the uw_door.wav sample.

21-05-07, 15:07
omg *shock* thanks loads Titak!!, im going to get working on it now hehe.

As you say about if i cant change the sound i need to check it in sound what do you mean ?

Is it the sound manager of the object, if so what do i have to tick as i tried to tick one called "blade" something and it didnt add it to the list ?

EDIT: Woot, i got it to work and i know what you ment about adding the sounds in the checklist now, i also added some more noise to the falling rock so it sounds nicer lol. Thanks also for the info on the sound problem with the water noise, i'll do as you suggested if it happens again.

22-05-07, 12:20
Well, i seem to know all i need to know... well, is there any pushable blocks egyptian styled as i cant use meta you need to pay for it to export as the right file, and when i textured a different block my way it screwed up my in game textures lol...

Does the texture i use for the box need to be with the texture text file ?:jmp:

22-05-07, 13:53
I'm glad you got the sounds to work. :D

Assuming you have Strpix for texturing objects...
You can use one of the other textures in the wad textureset, but you can also add new textures to your wad.
This can also be done with WADMerger, by using the Add Texture button.
You can add one texture at the time in the Add Texture window (it won't let you select multiple textures at once), but you can use the Add Texture button multiple times. (if that makes sense...)

After you have saved your wad in WADMerger you can open the wad in Strpix. The newly added textures should appear on the texture pages.
You can then apply them like usual. ;)

(Sorry, can't illustrate it with a screenie right now since I'm not at home. ;) )

22-05-07, 14:39
Continueing Titak's reply:
You can download a workable block at TRLE search- objects- animating objects-page 3- pushable block by Joontje!
You now can use a TGA texture as they are 64x64. for the block has 4 squares on one side, you have to devide it into 4 frames of 32x32 (Using an photo editing program) and save them as BITMAP. Import them into the Joontje Wad ( Ad texture). In strpix ad the new textures to the block, save and use ( in a nutshell:whi: )

22-05-07, 19:08
Cool, it works but becuase each squares side is split into 4 smaller pieces my block looks quite bad, i think i can just load in the 4 seperate parts and use that like TR3 did. Thanks alot pedro, it will make my level even more fun :jmp:

23-05-07, 17:23
I manage to do it except the box has 2 bugs...

1. You cant jump on or over it
2. You can back yourself into the box if you are pushing another box back into it, in other words you dont need to go around the other side to get the boxes pushed together :D

Any way around this ?

23-05-07, 19:02
TR4 style pushables are not solid by defualt, meaning you can't climb onto them.
TREP does however have a custom patch which makes pushables solid. You then have to enter the height of the block in it's OCB to give it the correct climbing height. So if your block is one block high you need to enter 1024 in its OCB, if it is two clicks high (half a block) you need to enter 512 in its OCB, etc. ;)

There's no way around that, as far as I know. :(

23-05-07, 20:55
Haha ! , i got the TREP and the other files needed and well...it OWNS, i love it really lol i did the pushblock fix with the OCB 1024 and it workds great it treats them as real squares not just weird things she can somehow run into :D

Also, i added like half of the custom patches rofl and its made the game so much better.