View Full Version : Placing Object [Flame_Emitter2] in the Center - ?

17-05-07, 04:32
I have a pedestal object, and I have the flame_emitter2 object. I have placed in the pedestal [which is in the center of a sector] and I placed the flame_emitter2 object on the same sector, but the flame_emitter just stays on the outside of the sector, and is not able to go in the center...:confused: How do I get the flame_emitter2 object to show up in the center?
This will really help

I'll post a picture or two if they could be of any help, just ask...

17-05-07, 06:10
You can just use flame_emmiter 1. If that flame is too large have alook around the OCB guides to make it smaller.

17-05-07, 07:17
Use flame emitter 2, type 123 in in the OCB and press enter ;)

17-05-07, 20:54
Thank you very much, Piega. It worked great! :tmb::wve: