View Full Version : Flame Emmiter 3 above water...

Zelda master
17-05-07, 08:12
Im having again problems with my level, i made a room with one stroke of ''oil'' that i want to be set on fire by to smaller moving fires (Flame Emmiter 2), so i have set the room up the same way as in the Cleopal level, but for some reason the Flame Emmiter 3 that are above the water wont get lit by the other two smaller flames:(
Anyone here that know how to solve this?


17-05-07, 10:30
You need a timed trigger to ignite the flame-emitter3 objects.
The timing should be the same amount of seconds it takes the flame-emmiter2 to reach the oil. ;)

Do you have the Cleopal prj? It is set up in that project, if I remember correctly.

Zelda master
17-05-07, 18:54
Oww thats how to make it work:p
thanx :)