View Full Version : updated tomb raider textures

17-05-07, 12:46
hi where can i download those updated tomb raider 1 textures?

17-05-07, 13:15
You mean these? (http://www.tombraiderxtra.com/index.php) :wve:

17-05-07, 13:25
can these be used with level editor then, i thought you could only use these to enhance tomb raider 1

17-05-07, 13:34
I don't know. Which textures did you mean then?

17-05-07, 14:38
they're the tomb raider 1 textures but they look a lot better i think they have been used in a cave remake level thats on trle

17-05-07, 22:13
I was just wondering, how do you get those textures into a way that they are usable in TRLE, because I downloaded the file but the textures were all separate images.

18-05-07, 10:00
You can use photoshop or similar type of program.
Or use tbuilder


The textures are hi res so you would have to convert the tga using the NGLE tool and use NGLE to build your level. Or you would have to reduce them to 64x64 using pshop or similar.

Note that some of those texture sets are free to use, others are not! See the webpage for details.