View Full Version : Level Editor File Moving Questions

19-05-07, 20:34
I was looking through some files and I found a duplicate TRLE folder that I downloaded a very long time ago, and I was wondering if deleting it (since it takes up a large amount of space) would affect my main TRLE folder.

Also, I want to completely move my main TRLE applications (the editor, the files and such) because I made the mistake of putting it where I do all my school work and basically it became very messy :o, is there a simple way to do this without messing any directories up, or should I simply back up all my wads and TGAs and re download the editor in the right location?

19-05-07, 21:11
I'm not really sure, but I think that moving the main folder will mess it up, because it's looking for the files in a certain place ...

I think that, as long as your [i]main TRLE isn't looking for files in the secondary folder, then you should have no problem deleting the secondary folder...

19-05-07, 22:56
Hi, Lara cablara.Know excactly what you mean, was at the same point! i would suggest to save all your files to CD ,or DVD now a days:D I had troubles with deleting the second TRLEfolder myself, gone and no access to the first folder , so be carefull! A back up keeps you alive, alltough it might takes some time to reinstall, but there is no problem in that.
How is your level building going?:hug:

19-05-07, 22:59
Ah, thanks both of you :) Ill go get my CDs for back up, and my level building is going generally alright (considering I still have school :(), thanks for asking.