View Full Version : blocking emails?

19-05-07, 22:01
Someone sends email to my brother all the time. We don't know who it's. But it isn't normal emails. they give me links to porn sites.

One of them says:

sharp angel

Just launched ADiULT site:

SexuaIIy Explicit Material

Link to the site:

I have no idea who it's. And I noticed one thing. All is different emails. And my brothers email is simon_persson_4[@]hotmail.com

But it doesn't say:
to: simon_persson_4[@]hotmail.com

It says:
To: simon_homer[@]msn.com

On some it says that email and on some it says my brothers email. Is it possible to block some peoples hotmails. It's the same hotmails all the time. It isn't one it's 3 different hotmails (or emails) on all emails. Can I block those?

19-05-07, 22:18
1. Add offending mail addresses to "Black List" at your Hotmail account properties.

2. Run any good antivirus and perform a full system scan - maybe you've got more than just abusive links.