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20-05-07, 02:55
Basicly, you all have helped me so much and I just want to help others, i enjoy using my software and I would love to do some tutorials. I was thinking about maybe a tutorial that would be one long tutorial creating a level and covering many areas that are often overlooked.

If you think its a good idea... make sure to post on possible tutorial ideas and i will get cracking on it !!


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20-05-07, 19:07

20-05-07, 23:42
I think this should have been posted in the General TRLE forum, so that you could ask more people, and then get more of a response.

Plus , this subforum is just for actual tutorials

But I still think that it would be great to have a tutorial on over-looked things. I know it would help me greatly.

22-05-07, 14:48
Im starting a tutorial now, it will be updated with extra tutorials related to common problems and fun things... lol ;)

28-08-07, 09:33
i need a lot of help with textures..:)

30-08-07, 02:09
yes this would be greatly appreciated I know there are thigns not in the manual and its a pain to figure them out yourself, thanks

23-09-07, 23:14
i think one ultimate tutorial on how to do absolutely everything u need to know how to do to make a level would be cool. it wouldn't have to be really advanced or ornate, just something basic to teach those of us (me included) who have no idea how to do the whole process. i've thought about trying it, it looks really cool, i guess im kinda just intimidated b/c i have no idea where to start. so basically, yeah i think it would be a great idea!

12-05-09, 19:22
This thread does not contain a tutorial.
Moved to general TRLE section and closed.