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20-05-07, 18:11
Hi all just wondering where i can get custom trees and shrubs for my current level im working on. The only tree is the tall palm and i would really like some other shrubs and bushes.

I have a basic understanding of how to use the WAD manager but individual files for 1 object i cant do :D

Any links or places will be appriciated !! :jmp:



20-05-07, 18:13
Have a look on www.trsearch.org

20-05-07, 18:19
OMG im in object heaven !!!, i just downloaded about 60 objects lol... im going to try to add them to my current object list but how do i rename my new objects so they dont replace my exisiting ones ??

20-05-07, 18:22
Have a look in the manual that comes with wadmerger

Jade Rae
20-05-07, 19:29
Check out http://laraslevelbase.org/stuff/index.asp[/URL][URL="http://www.laraslevelbase.org/"] (http://laraslevelbase.org/stuff/index.asp) also, it's got some really great objects too!

20-05-07, 21:04
Haha, lol i managed it...except dont ever download the movable snake thing. It ruined my level and i had to reinstall TRLE rofl ;)