View Full Version : Sorting out diagonal blocks...

22-05-07, 13:43
When ever i get diagonal blocks where it is split in half diagonally when i place a texture it looks all cramped, i noticed in the texture windown in the LE it has a green triange, how do i activate this section so i can texture 1/2 squares correctly ? ?

Thanks a bunch !! :jmp:


22-05-07, 13:55
If you want to select a certain corner of a complete texture tile you can simply click in that corner.
Remember that you can also rotate textures into place in LE. ;)

When you want to select a corner of a part of a texture you need to drag across the the section, starting in the corner you want. ;)

22-05-07, 15:46
Click 'alt' when placing the texture and it will place the full texture correctly on the 'broken' square.