View Full Version : Spike Floors !

22-05-07, 16:51
Hehe, im trying to make a spiked floor and all the spike floors on the game that i can find are the scripted ones where they slice out and back again. Its really annoying and bugged as in the Level Editor its upside down :confused:

Is there any spike floors or any other ways to kill lara that look really good for an egyptian level ?, i dont want to use my TR2 metal blades lol.

22-05-07, 17:01
Read page 83 of the manual, it explains how to set up spikes so they go in the direction you want. For example if you want static spikes like in old TRs that stick up from the ground, enter 20 into the OCB and they will pop up in the right place. Note that these spikes still have to be triggered and you can't walk through them without taking damage. Hope that helps ;)

22-05-07, 17:11
thats super !!, hehe thanks alot mate :D