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22-05-07, 23:22

I tried registering two weeks ago (May 8) under the username laracroft.net and got as far as the activation step, but I never got confirmation that my account had been activated and I have never been able to log in, though the account has been created as my username appeared in the "welcome" section at the bottom of the page and I can't re-register under that username and the corresponding e-mail address.

I tried changing my password several times as I thought I might have got it wrong, but when I try to log in with the new username+password given to me by e-mail (profile.removed + a string of numbers) I get the message "You have been banned for the following reason: No reason specified / Date the ban will be lifted: Never".

Furthermore, all my previous attempts to get in touch with forum moderators either never got delivered or never got replied to.

This account being temporary (I had to use another e-mail address notably, which is not very practical), could someone please help me to fix my registration problem (either by completing activation or deleting my previous username so I may re-register under that username)? This is all the more frustrating as I had no trouble at all registering under the username I am currently using.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

22-05-07, 23:23
Its because its a advertisement to a website which is not allowed with usernames.

23-05-07, 06:19
You must register under username that goes contra T&C not and ask admin to delete 2 previous accounts.

23-05-07, 08:28
Oh. I see.

Well, just for the record, I have been using that username for over four years now (without any problems) and though I do remember recently coming across the "laracroft.net" domain (this month I think, though I might also have seen it earlier and not remember -there are so many out there) I never chose that username for it. In fact, I created it myself (though of course my subconscious might have been partly responsible for that) and settled on it simply because it seemed to be available everywhere I tried it on and I liked it; I have nothing to do with the Web sites referred (only, note) to on that domain (except as a visitor) and have never been directly in contact with them.
I did read the Terms and Conditions carefully before registering, but I had to go back upon getting your replies in order to see what part I'd missed about usernames, and only then did I see, in light of your comments, how the advertisement bit might apply to usernames. I never imagined the username I'd chosen might be construed as advertisement (it never did so much as begin to cross my mind).

So again, for the record, it was not my intention to advertise anything with my username -or with any of the content I might have subsequently posted, for that matter.

Thank you for your replies anyway, this does explain why I seemed to hit a brick wall from the beginning. (Though maybe a simple reply to one of those messages which did apparently get through or at least the comment "username is considered as advertisement" instead of "banned for no reason specified" would have been nice...)

So I guess there's no two ways about it, is there?

tlr online
23-05-07, 09:46
We do not permit advertising on our forum. Please choose an alternative user-name.