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23-05-07, 23:19
Just tried making these two doors ONLY open when both puzzles have been put in both puzzle pieces, i did the right setting of having one puzzle 1,2,3 and the other 4,5 but when i tried it i placed one puzzle in and it opened one of the doors !!

Comments are greatly appriciated as always :jmp:

23-05-07, 23:29
Just signed off!, but the settings are right. You just have two sepparate doors, how about these setting twice, for left and right ;) good night!

24-05-07, 00:16
So each door has two triggers ? but wouldnt that mean that either puzzle can open the door or that both need to be done for the doors to open ?

Also, how do you stop something from bieng active, i have these bird blades and i like them but they make a loud noise even far away, i think its called an anti trigger to stop something but i dont know how to use it. Last time i tried it didnt work :D

Oh and what OCB do i use to make my large button switch to animate as one, lara thinks its a wall lever haha and i tried OCB 3 and it still is a lever


Thanks for any comments in advanace and thanks for your suggestion pedro

24-05-07, 07:10
It looks you used the star items? I will call them so!
The set up is like this:
KEY for star 1 - KEY for star 2
Trigger for door1 (1,2,3) - Trigger for door1 (4,5)
Trigger for door2 (1,2,3) - Trigger for door2 (4,5)

Placing star 1 triggers half of both doors, and placing star 2 opens them!

Choosing antitrigger from the "set trigger" window an placing a trigger for it behind the blades should do the trick?

In Wad merger is a nice option called switch manager, here you can set the animation to big switch! :)

24-05-07, 07:28
The codebits need to be assigned to the KEY triggers. ;)

STAR1 puzzle-hole
Keytrigger with codebits 1,2 and 3 checked (they need to be black)
trigger for door 1
trigger for door 2

STAR2 puzzle-hole
Keytrigger with codebits 4 and 5 checked (they need to be black)
trigger for door 1
trigger for door 2

24-05-07, 07:57
So sorry Titak, You were right of course! "beetje dom van me":vlol: ( a little stupid from me!)

24-05-07, 08:24
No problem.

Vergissen is menselijk. ;)

24-05-07, 23:30
Cool, im not at home atm but when i do i will make sure to try that !!, makes sense haha

Thanks for the help everyone :jmp: