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24-05-07, 16:15
okay, so i've been having a dabble in outfit making, and i've come across a rather serious problem with strpix. Basically, i import my mesh, remap it correctly, etc. However, when i look in game, there will be a random bit sticking out of it, in a similar way to the joints when they are not mapped properly. So, i go back to strpix to check and the mesh has been corrupted..

here is an example of the chest mesh (ignore the random texturing, just to show ya what i mean:D)


as you can see, it's randomly stretched the face into a weird spike thing..

what am i doing wrong? :wve:

24-05-07, 17:09
LMFAO !!! :jmp:

i think that's shoud be there.

24-05-07, 17:44
it only does that if you remap the wrong thing or you remap something that shouldn't be remapped. just re0import the dfx and it should be fine, remeber only to remap the joint areas

i hope this helps

24-05-07, 18:13
the thing is, i'm so sure i'm remapping it correctly, but to be fair, my noobness is probably the reason, thanks Trangel :hug:

24-05-07, 18:51
Looks like a nice mesh anyway - we'll make an expert of you yet i think!:)

24-05-07, 19:00
Looks like a nice mesh anyway - we'll make an expert of you yet i think!:)

why thank you! :hug::) btw, i loved the dress you made! and i'm not even gunna start on how amazing Trangel's work is :hug:

25-05-07, 07:53
Did you use Metaseqouia to create the mesh with?
If so, then make sure you have Triangle has four points checked when saving the mesh in Meta. ;)