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24-05-07, 20:48
Before you start creating a level, do you sketch out a 2D overview and/or a 3d sketch before the building process?

Everytime I start building (without sketching before hand), I never finish the level. Does this happen with any other builders?

kill bill
24-05-07, 20:54
Well Ideally if you are a beginer its nice to do 2d sketches. So you know what the hell you doing.:) Also before you start. Do the folllowing: Have A4 sheets. Alot of them,Pencil or pen, Pencil you can rub out so have a rubber.
Decide if you will build them or use excsting ones. If not open up the wads.and take the stuff you want down on a seprate peice so you know.What to put in the Sketch:D

24-05-07, 20:57
I find it quite helpful to have sqaured paper to draw actual designs, and A4 or even A3 to do concept work.

Almost all my projects, levels and outfits, start off as drawings.

24-05-07, 21:43
Uvavoo has made a very nice PDF file to print out, and use for planning out a level.
On this (http://homepage.mac.com/uvavoo/mydownloads.html) page, click on the first link for the .pdf file, or look at the other, helpful, information on the Data Sheets

25-05-07, 07:47
I mostly write my ideas down.
But I also make little sketches of certain objects and certain settings, as well as sketches of Lara's outfit(s).
I draw grids when I want to build a tricky room setup. ;)
I don't plan all that much ahead. I have a basic idea to begin with and some basic ideas of the environments I want. Objects and textureset keep developing while building. :D

Like for my next levelset I have an underwater level planned and I was wondering if I could use an AOD type underwater kick move to kick some rocks down. Replacing the UNDERWATERDOOR object with the rocks.
So I made a little sketch of it so I wouldn't forget the idea, since it will take quite some time to finish my HM levels. ;)


When time comes I'll look through my papers with ideas and sketches and I'll start experimenting to see if what I've thought up and drawn is possible in LE. :D

So, you should use whatever method that works best for you to memorise your ideas and to stick to a certain level.