View Full Version : Funny Demo Bugs..

26-05-07, 04:57
I encountered a Bug that made lara look as though she was using the DOZY cheat but you can't move her around


You can still shoot and...well look what happened when I tried to grapple


HEhe she looks like a puppet

Has anyone else encountered any funny bugs if so please post some pics or at least tell us about them!

MOD EDIT: Pictures resized to 800x600 pixels. Please post them in that size in the future. Thank you.

Tomb Raider Master

26-05-07, 07:06
She just appeasing the mountian god by bowing before she starts raiding.

26-05-07, 07:08
lol I enctountered another bug whenever I would climb on the wodden platforms she would fall off and grab back on the ledge. If I run forwards right after she gets up I can stay up.

26-05-07, 08:20
I jumped into a pool of water before, and Lara drowned straight away! :vlol: