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27-05-07, 14:47
Well, I've got TRLE & LM working now. Didn't work in XP but worked in Vista. HUH? :confused:
Anyway, I am currently playing TR1 Revised and I'm loving it! :cool:
I'm at Lost Valley now and I'm trying to kill the T-Rex. Is it possible to kill it? I've shot it over 1000 times with the Pistols now. :hea: Surely it didn't take that long in the original TR1.

27-05-07, 14:52
You can't kill them.

27-05-07, 14:54
Rexy can only be killed with the shotguns ;)

27-05-07, 15:06
OMG! I shot it 6 times with the Shotgun too, but nothing happened. So I'm just gonna have to keep running from it.

27-05-07, 15:21
It does work with the shot gun... just make sure you actually hit him. I tried it with the shotgun and once it only took 3 shots and another time it took 20.

Tony the Loon
27-05-07, 15:33
I have not played the TR-1 Revised custom level... BUT regarding the T-Rex...

I once downloaded one from trsearch.org for my custom level... I found that this particular T-Rex (don't remember which one, I know there are a dozen @ trsearch.org) could only be killed with the Revolver gun.

I don't know if that's the case in the level your playing now... Is there a Revolver in that level? Otherwise, maybe the designer's intent was that the T-Rex is too strong to be killed???

27-05-07, 15:43
The trex can always be killed with one shotgun slug if you are lucky. Just move in under it and shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It can be killed though. I think it is in the setha slot, right? Then revolvers works the same. From experience I think the shotguns works better though. No point in wasting ammon though. If it is not down in like 5 shots, just reload and try again :)

27-05-07, 15:45
There is no Revolver. Just ammo for the gun.
Now I'm at Tomb of Qualopec. Just went down a large slide into this massive room and I was like WOW! :yik:

27-05-07, 19:33
Both the Rex's can be killed quite easily with just pistols!..:confused:

28-05-07, 00:21
Are there two different versions of this, that people are talking about?

In mine, it could not be killed with just Pistols; I found a stance [crouching ;)] where the T-Rex will just keep rawring at me, but I just keep shooting:

I lucked out, majorly: The T-Rex glitched :D He just hovered in mid-air about 4 clicks from the ground:

28-05-07, 00:48
Yeah, I just ran like hell from them when I played TR1 Revised. I imagine that it would be possible to shotgun them easily enough, but the thought never occured to me at the time :o

The 'cavern' beneath Tomb of Qualopec was actually the part about the game that impressed me the most - I thought it was really cool. It's just a shame that more of the levels weren't altered too. I got the impression that the builder started out with the intention of adapting every level in some way, but got to Qualopec and started to realise that the scale of the project was a bit much. Even so, this is a great levelset - and a good way for people who can't get TR1 to run on their PCs to experience the game :tmb:

28-05-07, 10:30
Wow, that's weird.I think I had a bug in the game, because I can kill it with my pistols, it doesn't takes a lot of time by my.

LOL :tea:

28-05-07, 12:29
Is the cavern in the Tomb Of Qualopec the big room in the loading screen... coz if it is, could someone tell me how to find it... I've been looking for ages, but can't find it :o

28-05-07, 12:35
After you kill the raptors at the beginning of the level, head down the passageway they came from and you'll be looking at three corridors - one in front of Lara, and one on her left and right. Take the path to her right, move the block and go through to find the switch. In the original TR1, this hallway just had a collapsing floor covering some spikes, but throwing the switch now causes a trapdoor to open underneath you. You'll end up on a long slope that leads to the cavern beneath the Tomb :)

28-05-07, 13:10
Darn it! :hea: I lost my savegames and now I've had to start again. Right now, I'm at City of Vilcabamba.

Oh, BTW could anyone tell me why the screen looks like this when I go into the Inventory or Pause Menu? I'm using Windows Vista. It doesn't affect the gameplay but it's just annoying seeing that everytime I pause.

http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/1808/tr4lineshu1.th.jpg (http://img201.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tr4lineshu1.jpg)

01-06-07, 21:22
having the same thing.
but I though it was normal in inventory and pauze menu..
I use windows XP

02-06-07, 07:52
I get it on Win2K.

02-06-07, 14:16
I think that happens when you have the tr4 / LE patch - it makes it faster but bugs up the inventory...