View Full Version : NGLE - What is the 256 size texture limit?

27-05-07, 17:46
I started a level using the NGLE and made 21 rooms when the level stopped compiling properly (a bad TOM file was made). It seems I was using too many 256x256 textures. I wanted to see how using this size texture would work, and a large portion of my rooms had 256 textures.

When I replaced a room with 64 textures the level compiled and ran again, so I suspect I reached some texture limit. Does anyone know what the texture limit is, and how do I tell when I'm coming close?

There is a listing of various level data in the NGLE and I didn't see anything there that said I was over. My level texture info viewable in the NGLE was Textures: 960 of 1024, and TexInfos: 498 of 1024. I don't remember seeing any list of how many 256 textures you can use, but if anyone knows I would appreciate it.

So remember folks - don't go overboard with 256 textures. I'm going to retexture with 128 textures, but I was curious as to how I could tell if I'm using too much texture memory. My TOM file was getting large (12.8 MB - much larger than the 1.5-2 MB of the original Tomb Raider). Is there a limit to the TOM file size?