View Full Version : I have an idea for a level

28-05-07, 01:05
its's so cool ill tell more later

28-05-07, 01:07
I wish i had some pictures any way its based on the rain forest ill get some details off of trle.com i think thats a website

28-05-07, 08:07
Intenrestning idea.

28-05-07, 18:34
This isn't the best way to earn the respect of forum members. Only make threads when you seriously have something to post.

28-05-07, 18:41
Extremely helpful explanation of the idea. :rolleyes:

28-05-07, 18:53
Extremely helpful explanation of the idea. :rolleyes:
LOL, well it's common sense to post the thread when you have the information ready, rather than saying "I'll post it 500 years later" isn't it? ;)

28-05-07, 19:32
its's so cool ill tell more later


28-05-07, 19:47
O c'mon, people, I think this is very cool idea...
... anyway... what was idea again?

28-05-07, 20:14
a doctor who theam tomb raider level. :ton:

28-05-07, 21:32
Hey, I just recently saw that show for the first time a bit ago... It was very strange... I didn't really understand what was going on...
Although it may prove interesting for a Tomb Raider level

29-05-07, 00:50
IM am SOOO SORRY i was at my friends house speding the night. Anyway its based on the rain forest and Egypt. First laras in this big tree and dive into a huge stream (the curents to strong so dont fight it) and fall off the water fall and into this pool get out and its egypt theme 4 mummies come out and attack you jump back into the pool turn a lever that opens the bottem of the pool (theres items in there)(at the bottem) #1 crossbow #2 12 explosive and posinis amo #3 4 huge helth packets and and small futher details pm me if you disin levels

29-05-07, 00:54
Agian sorry about the delay

29-05-07, 08:05
You seem to have it... Planned out thoroughly... Anything but a Doctor Who level, I can't stand Doctor Who.

29-05-07, 22:10
Who's Dr Who

29-05-07, 22:16
Who's Dr Who

Some lame show you wouldn't want to watch :D

29-05-07, 23:37
i do

30-05-07, 09:30
That lame show has a huge cult following.
But I don't count myself among them......anymore :)

30-05-07, 10:28
Wow....there are more people than I thought that don't like Dr Who! :yik: They make it seem as if everyone in the entire world loves it, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who's not so keen on it!

I probably can't build the idea of this level since I'm chaotic when it comes to using LE, but what happens after Lara picks the items up? :)

30-05-07, 10:31
Doctor Who is this cheesy actor who changes every season and they're in space they have to defeat these pathetic robots called the Daleks. Apparently, they been voted the scariest villain, but all they are is these carboard boxes who roll around shouting "Exterminate." Yawn. :rolleyes:

01-06-07, 21:03
about who you all talking??:p

02-06-07, 07:49
Yes :D

02-06-07, 14:04
Don't worry - it's all irrelevant. I don't mind Dr Who, but i'm not one of these people that would murder a family of innocent ducks crossing the road to get home on time to watch it. It's not what i'd call unmissable... although some would (yeah rite...)

Anyway B2T (back to topic) good luck with your project, i await more news. I like watching new builders learn.

02-06-07, 14:41
to bad im not a builder because the computer always crashes when i try to edit a level

02-06-07, 16:34
OMG, Doctor Who's excellent and it's the highest rated UK saturday night show btw.

How can people hate it, I love it