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28-05-07, 13:06
2/ Once you have filled the waterfall slots you can put other (waterfall) objects in animating or static slots.
Alright, I have three waterfall slots filled in and I need a fourth waterfall. But how do I put it on the Animating Slots with WADMerger? I tried renaming the waterfall into 'Animating03' but since it doesn't work, I know it's not the correct way. D:

Thanks in advanced.

28-05-07, 14:05
It does work by copying a waterfall from a waterfall slot into an animating slot.

You do have to make sure that waterfalls in animating and static slots are textured with one of the waterfall textures from the waterfallslots. ONLY those textures will animate! Any extra textures won't animate.

28-05-07, 14:08
So I am supposed to rename one of the waterfalls 'Animating' and then copy it? Because even when I rename the waterfall object into ANIMATING03 and attempt to copy it, WADMerger still puts it into the Waterfall slot.

28-05-07, 14:14
You can press Shift while clicking on the Copy button. A window with a list of objects will then pop up.
You can then choose an animating slot from the list.

28-05-07, 14:26
But then the rest of the waterfalls get modified...:(

Basically, I'm using the Cleopatra's Palaces WAD. I've already installed two other waterfalls into it. Now I want to get the WATERFALL03 object [from the Catacombs wad] onto one of the Animation slots, preferably 03.

I copied Waterfall01 from the Catacombs' wad without difficulty, so how comes when I place only Waterfall 03 [renamed to Animating03] all the other waterfalls get changed into all the waterfalls in the Catacomb wad? I'm going to try again, but it doesn't seem to be working...