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28-05-07, 13:22
I let you see some pics from the game I'm working on, tell me what you think of it!


This picture is taken in the first level, at the beginning ^^


This is make in the second level at the beginning ^^


And this one I've take in the second level, somewhere in the middel^^

I hope I can work on it this week, and take more screens!

28-05-07, 14:12
Welcome to this forum, laragirltjuh! :wve:
Good to see another builder amongst us! :D

The first and second screenshot have a lot of stretched textures. Compare the textures to the ones in the third screenshot and you'll see the difference.
It is solved by dividing the walls into sections. ;)

And the rooms need some lighting to enhance the atmosphere.
A quick way to add some basic lighting is by setting the ambience lighting fairly dark and then placing a sun in the rooms. ;)
Objects also help to create atmosphere.

28-05-07, 14:40
Thanks Titak, I'm working on it now, it's my first level ever, so I have a lot problems with it.Hope it can be a good level :) !

28-05-07, 15:27
We are here to help, so if certain parts of the manual are hard to understand you can ask here. :D