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28-05-07, 14:36
Hey, I've some questions:

1. When I download something, and set it in my room, the other things are away!

2. How can you rotate objects in your room?

Hope you answer it!

Tony the Loon
28-05-07, 14:57
1. Not sure what you mean by that, re-phrase please?

2. You can rotate an object by 'Right-Clicking' on it. The object will rotate on an axis, allowing you to place it differently on the square.

28-05-07, 15:47
I mean, when I download something, an enemie, I load it and set it on a place in my room.Then every other thing I've setted up firts, is away!

Thanx for the second answer

P.s. I'm sorry for my bad english, you see, I'm from The Netherlands!

28-05-07, 16:21
P.s. I'm sorry for my bad english, you see, I'm from The Netherlands!
Hehe! I figured you were! Because your name ends with tjuh. :D

1. When I download something, and set it in my room, the other things are away!
You first need to add the object you downloaded to the wad you are using for your level. (Because you can't use more than one wad with a level)
You can add objects to your levelwad with WADMerger. ;)

28-05-07, 17:48
I post it here, because the suspect is also objects.

When I have made a room, with 1 Lara, 2 pickups and a door and switch, and I play the level, the door is an other door and the switch is gone! Well, it's Lara's leg now :confused: Can anyone help me with this? :(

28-05-07, 21:29
It is caused by using more than one wad.
Like I have described in my previous post you need to make ONE wad which you then have to use for your level. You can keep developing your wad during building, by adding abjects to it or removing them in case you don't need them or if you want to replace them with others.

Once objects have been placed in your level you can't use another wad just like that. It'll cause objects to vanish, like with the door and the switch:
- The door is different because you used another wad with a different looking door in the same slot.
- The other wad you used does not contain a switch in that particular slot, so the switch you have placed has been replaced with Lara's legmesh. ;)

So, you need put together a wad with objects and keep using that ONE wad.
Removing or adding objects is okay.
(When you want to remove an object from your wad it is best to first delete the objects from the level.)

For my Himalayan Mysteries I have created a wad called hm4-icywaters.
This is the wad (a so-called wad is actually a set of files amd not just the .wad fle. Each file contains different data needed for the playable .tr4)
The wad first contained a few objects. During the building of the level I added new objects and/or changed the look of existing objects, but I kept the same wad all the time.

I hope this makes sense to you. It is a bit hard to explain. This whole wad stuff can become pretty confusing when you first start levelbuilding. ;)

28-05-07, 22:11
Welcome laragirltjuh! As Titak explained, ad soon as you get the hang of it; it's going to be an "egg"tjuh ;)