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28-05-07, 17:14
My fourth tread this day LOL :tea:

My walls have a ceiling from 20.That's what I need, because it is a high place.
Now I have a problem, because when I do that thing of Q + A, W + S and E + D, to make the wall in parts.But that are three parts, I need four, how can I do that!?:confused: :confused: :confused:

28-05-07, 18:00
R & F ;)

Tony the Loon
28-05-07, 18:01
When you highlight the wall red, use the floor & ceiling + & - buttons to divide it into 3 segments.

You can further divide it by pressing:
"F" bring another ceiling segment down, "R" brings it up.
"E" bring up another floor segment, "D" brings it down.

I've made walls with up to 5 tiles with this technique.

28-05-07, 18:19
Generally it's a good idea to make two 10 click rooms instead on one 20 click one :)

29-05-07, 14:41
Ok, I decided to make 2 rooms (1 with a ceiling from 16 and 1 with a ceiling from 4), how can I make the rooms above eachother?

29-05-07, 20:38
By reading the manual

30-05-07, 09:28
The buttons for Room +/- raise and lower the room. Use 2D Map mode to drag the rooms around so they are on top of each other.