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dnf raider
30-05-07, 18:58
NO i don't have new animations, i want to modify some existing animation
with wad merger, is it possible ?

30-05-07, 19:05

Some animations have some hardcoded effects though.
For example, the picking up animation needs to keep the same length (same amount of frames), otherwise a pickup can't trigger something.

Don't ask why, I have no idea. It is weird. :confused:

dnf raider
30-05-07, 21:56
ok titak i need your help.It's about a chopper in tr5 in the wad rich3a in the slot of scale i've downloaded the wad in tr chronicles i think.Anyway the chopper has a good animation but the helical isn't moving, i'm trying in wad merger to make it move but nothing happens,what can i do:hea: