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31-05-07, 23:24
I'm not sure if everyone's school works this way, but we have the Core courses and then we have the Electives. For the Core Courses, there are two different levels, which include Regular and Honors. [except in English and History, which have three. Adding an Advanced level]

When I finished Middle School [two years ago] I knew that I would not be in all Honors courses, but I still knew that I could do well in the Regular courses. I was put into the following courses in my Freshman Year:
Advanced English 9
Biology S [the S being close to meaning Advanced]
Introduction to VB Programming/Culinary Skills
Advanced World History 9
Spanish 2
That was all fine and dandy, [despite getting a D in English and History] but I still did not like that all the students who were in Honors classes had the opportunity to learn so much more. I would like to, even though it would sound like displacing responsibility, say that, "I wasn't doing my work because I wasn't in Honors classes."

Then this year, I was put into the following classes:
Spanish 3
Advanced English 10
Advanced Algebra II
Global Cultures/Drivers' Education
Then, just recently, my teachers in my Chemistry and Advanced Algebra II classes informed me that I have been moved into HONORS for their respective courses! This has made me really excited, and I know that I can finally be in the same courses as my smart[er] friends.

31-05-07, 23:46
Well then Izzie, Looks like congratulations are in order. Well done! http://bestsmileys.com/signs5/4.gif

Alex Fly
01-06-07, 09:19
Congratulations ! :wve:

01-06-07, 15:59
Congratulations :tmb:

Lara Croft!
01-06-07, 17:24
Very good!!! Congratulations!