View Full Version : What regions are getting Collector's Edition?

01-06-07, 15:25
Okay so to my knowledge, All of Europe got the collector's edition and I guess it was just exclusive to that area. But I am reading that the Philipines are getting it too? Alright now something really doesnt sound to fair. Are there any other places in Asia that are getting it too? Cuz if there are then how come North America (in particular, US) arent getting it?

I only play PS2 but I do want the collectors edition still. What can I do? If I buy from GAME will the game work in my PS2? I have a Mac now and from what I am hearing, mac's dont play PC games. So whats a girl to do?:confused:

Mad Tony
01-06-07, 15:26
The Collector's Edition will most likely be released internationally soon. Don't quote me on that though.

Jin Uzuki
01-06-07, 15:28
Yes. Philippines is getting Collectors Edition (http://www.datablitz.com.ph/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=103190&osCsid=bf69bf4c43e74e0d7041b4db0593656d). So wait, CE is only for PC?

01-06-07, 15:38
Nope. I swear I saw a PS2 version of it. Although I just emailed Datablitz if they had it there

01-06-07, 15:41
woops. it is gonna be out in PS2 as well. check this out http://www.gpstore.co.nz/Games/1537631.html