View Full Version : comp is going crazy

larson n natla
01-06-07, 18:30
i just brought up room editor and its very confusing i whant to make a level but i dont know how :o help me please

01-06-07, 18:52
Might be the coolingsystem or the harddrive speeding up or something.
(my computer at work sometimes sounds like it will fly off any second when I search for something... Sounds like a small jetengine... :vlol:)
Don't know. I'm not a computer techperson. ;)

What are you trying to install exactly? :confused:

larson n natla
01-06-07, 19:04
i need help im new to this thing and i need help its so complicated and weird :o

01-06-07, 19:32
What thing? :confused:
The LevelEditor?

It taks a whole manual to explain how the LevelEditor works. :p
There's a manual included with the LevelEditor package.
It contains a tutorial which guides you through the basics step by step.
It is best to start with that and when things are unclear in the manual you are ofcourse free to ask a questions about the specific problem you are having. ;)

larson n natla
01-06-07, 19:36