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Jean Yves
01-06-07, 20:57
Hi Guys, im very new to creating my own levels and am currently nearly done on my very first (I'm so chuffed with it!), however theres one problem... I can't get the level to end.

Ive tried following the instructions in the manual but it just doesnt work, could one of you experts please split it up into simple steps for me as though you were explaniing it to a child please. I want the level to end when lara passes over a trigger square. thankyou.

PS when the level ends, will it automatically go onto one of the pre built ones? coz i just want it to go back to the main title screen.


02-06-07, 07:47
Click in the text box next to the purple trigger button. A trigger properties window will open.
Click in the text box right next to "Trigger". Another window will open so you can select what to trigger. Click on Finish, then click OK.
The text box you clicked on will now show Finish. Click in the text box next to that. Erase anything in the text box. Enter 99 and press Enter. Click OK.
Select the square in the room where you want the level to finish. Click the purple trigger button.

All done!

Jean Yves
03-06-07, 16:35
Thankyou so much!

Am I right in guessing that the '99' would be the level no., but coz therez no level 99 it takes me back to the title???

Again thankyou!!

03-06-07, 22:30
Yes, TRLE only supports about 40 levels. Any number bigger than that will go to the title.