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02-06-07, 16:26
I heard on another board that the PS2 graphics are terrible, and that all the high-res shots we've been getting are all from the pc version! :(

How are the graphics for the ps2 version? The textures and what not?

Can someone post some comparison shots?

I will be so upset if this is true T_T

The Great Chi
02-06-07, 16:33
I have only just got by the Lost Valley, but I find the backgrounds very grayish looking, but maybe they get more colourfull in other levels.

Some one who has completed the game will answer that one :D

as for the graphics, they are not as good resolution as the PC demo of Lost valley, and they are worse on WIDESCREEN compaired to 3:4

Also there are compatibility problems with some widescreen TVs when you put the game on widescreen , as you lose the top of the picture that contains Laras health bar :eek: That happened to me and now I have to play the game on my old 3:4 bedroom TV to see the health bar.

Jack Croft
02-06-07, 16:34
I have PS2 there good for the PS2 obviously not as good as Xbox 360 but pushes the PS2 to it's limits :D

02-06-07, 16:36
it's not about the screen shots but the demo have ragdoll deaths i think its going to have to have it in the real game and how many more days in till it release

Mad Tony
02-06-07, 16:39
I have the game on PS2 and the graphics are great. As Jack said, they really push the PS2 to the limits.

02-06-07, 17:04
Have it on PS2 too, and they're really good. I'm just at the start of the colliseum at the moment, and the detail in the tombs so far has been amazing.

02-06-07, 17:12
Yep, the graphics are revolutionary for the PS2, but obviously not as good as the PC.

02-06-07, 17:14
The graphics are amazing for the PS2, a little bit of an improvement from Legend's, and Legend's graphics were gorgeous!

02-06-07, 17:16
Great graphics, but some really dodgy textures. :D

02-06-07, 17:17
Yeah, the graphics are awesome :D The thing you have to worry about it glitches, I've lost about half hours play time due to them :mad:

02-06-07, 17:37
The grapics are amazing....a huge improvement over Legend :eek:

02-06-07, 20:57
Have to remember that PS2's graphics will, naturally, not be as detailed as that of the PC's. Also, the way a person connects their PS2 to their TV (and what type of TV they use) will affect how the game looks for them.

02-06-07, 21:05
The graphics are amazing for the PS2, a little bit of an improvement from Legend's, and Legend's graphics were gorgeous!

I agree, Legends graphics were what I have been dreaming of when I was playing the older games. I played Legend on PS2, B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T graphics, and I know TR:A's graphics will be a tiny bit better, and thats great for me! :)

02-06-07, 21:08
i have it on ps2 and they seem very smooth and improved to me. also remember CD did this game in like 9 months so really as lara says in legend "bugs dont bother me alister" i mean heights. hardly any bugs in a game made in under a year but millions in one that took three years mmm... (AoD)

02-06-07, 21:09
how did you guys get it? is it in stores today!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope

02-06-07, 21:55
It was released in Europe on the 1st June, although quite a lot of people received it before this. You'll have to wait to the 5th June as thats the official release date for America.

03-06-07, 12:17
it really pushes PS2 to its limits...the graphics cannot be compared to those of PC or Wii obviously but they still kick a$$...

Some Bloke
03-06-07, 12:25
for ps2 owners the graphics are definately a major improvement

for pc owners who played legend in next-gen the graphics will seem a bit flat and bland but they're still very good and much, much better than legend graphics in current gen mode.

03-06-07, 12:59
everything is pushed to the limits except for the lost valley, (only the valley) the rest is great... may not be next gen,.. but,.. uhmm uhmmm quite close,.....

i can only compare it with the legend blovian level, in the room with the jaguar, and the sad boxes puzzle,... the jumping obvious one,.. that room is so great in textures and details... also in some parts of gahna... qualopecs tomb is so great, and beat the hell out of legend by faaaaaaarrrr...

really satisfied so far... still not finished,.. im finishing atlantis thou...