View Full Version : Enraged Mode

02-06-07, 16:34
Can someone explane me how to use this mode (when i have 4 arrowws in right corner )I was trying to press all combinations of buttons and it isn't work >What to do????

Jack Croft
02-06-07, 16:35
This should help....


It's the first video :wve:

By the way Welcome :)

If not post back here and i will explain :)

Tomb Raider Master
02-06-07, 16:56
When you see an enemy charging at you, press roll + one of the arrow keys, and when the targets turn red, shoot.

02-06-07, 17:16
I tried but it won't work for example in fight with T-rex i shoot at him and when i make him angry he rush at me then I press(A + SHIFT)but he hit me and when I do this it isn't in SlowMotion

Thanks for help