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04-04-04, 06:08
Tokyo: A 6 year old Osaka boy visiting the Roppongi Hills complex died on Friday, March 26th, when his head was trapped in an automatic revolving door. The second floor revolving door, produced by an affiliate of Sanwa Shutter Corp, was apparently not equipped with an appropriate safety device for design reasons. Typically, such doors are equipped with sensors that cause the door to release pressure when something is trapped between the door and the frame. After Friday's incident, it was revealed that there have been 32 accidents involving the revolving doors since Roppongi Hills' opening last year.

Phi Phi
04-04-04, 06:10
That's terrible. :(

04-04-04, 06:16
:( That is Sad.

Steven B
04-04-04, 06:18
Very sad. :( :( :( :( :( :(


04-04-04, 07:00
That's what happens when you cut costs... :(

04-04-04, 07:14
omg thats terrible :(

the croft woman!
04-04-04, 07:20
poor kid :( Thats very sad...

04-04-04, 12:01
omg :( :( :(

04-04-04, 12:54
They cut safety for design....... I wish I could say I was shocked... :(

04-04-04, 13:00
Horrible. Poor, poor lad... :(

Raider Sunrise
04-04-04, 13:30
My God, that's horrible. :( Poor child.

04-04-04, 18:09
That's one of the reasons I really hate automatic doors. You can never tell whether they have been properly "safety'd up" or not.

Poor kid. :(

04-04-04, 18:33
What a horrible way to die... :(