View Full Version : For N. America: Where's TRA in Circuit City's ad for this week?

05-06-07, 05:11
I said this in another thread, but the Sunday newspaper said that Bestbuy will have TRA available by 2pm on wednesday for 19.99; however, Circuit City had an ad too in the same paper but no mention of TRA. What's Up with that? Is Circuit City even going to get TRA tomorrow or wednesday? I wonder if Circuit City does get TRA how much will it be?

05-06-07, 05:17
The release date on the website says the 5th, but dont be sad if you dont get it tomorrow. Most stores, from what I hear, are selling it on the 6th for some reason with a shipping date of the 5th. Im ordering mine from Circuit City home dilivery, but I have gotten one email every day that my order has been delayed. The official release it tomorrow, but Im not expecting mine until Wednesday the 6th at the earliest from the website. I paid $30 I believe.

I tried Best Buy and the girl told me to look at their web page and it says the 12th...