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05-06-07, 17:42
Hi all,

I got into Tomb Raider when my aunt got me and my brothers tomb raider III for Christmas when it came out. Completed that then II then I then all the three 'gold' expansions for them. Have then completed all the tomb raiders in order including Anniversary after a 15 hour binge last weekend.

I've played all the games on the PC.

Have to say my fave tomb raider is prolly the third one as it was my first and also one of the longest alongside the last revelation. My least favourite was probably chronicles as it was still being held backwards compatible with the playstation.

I also enjoy playing combat flight simulators (not that many get released these days...) and Eve Online.

anyways, see you in the forums

Alex Fly
05-06-07, 17:50
Hi and welcome ! :)

Tomb Raider Master
05-06-07, 18:19
Welcome to the Forum. :wve:

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A warm welcome to you! :wve:

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Welcome to the forum, ElectricFox :wve: Happy Raiding!

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Welcome to the forums :wve:

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Welcome to TRF :wve:

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Welcome to the forums! :wve: What did you think of Anniversary? ;)

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05-06-07, 22:40
I have to say that Anniversary was a fantastic improvement on Legend (which I also found reasonably enjoyable). There were one or two moments that literally made me laugh out loud with some beautiful scenery and attention to detail. True there were some bugs, but with a game that complex and that size it's inevitable, none of them affected gameplay too badly either. Concerning length, I thought the game was actually reasonably long and people don't mention how much faster moves in the CD games. You spent a lot of time slowly climbing, shimmying and monkeyswinging etc in the old games

I only hope they keep this level of quality up when they do the sequel to legend -

Anyways, thanks very much for all your warm welcomes - I assume the happy raiding applies equally to the game and the forums....

05-06-07, 23:08
:wve: Hello ElectricFox :wve: Welcome to the forum

06-06-07, 03:01
Welcome to the forums, ElectricFox. What an achievement to complete all TR games! :tmb:

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A warm welcome to the forum :wve:

06-06-07, 07:36
Welcome to the forums, ElectricFox. What an achievement to complete all TR games! :tmb:

Yeah, thanks. I just wish I'd got in there right from the start. TRI really must have been fantastic for its time. I think TFX was the first real 3d game I played. It was a flight sim released about the same time and I remember how stunned I was by it

Jack Croft
06-06-07, 07:38
Welcome :tmb:

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Welcome Fox!!!:tmb:

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06-06-07, 11:23
Nobody hates Anniversary i hope

WELCOME! :wve:

The Weeper

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