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05-06-07, 22:06
You know you can do the flips etc by repeatedly tapping the roll button.

Well have any of you guys experimented with using the jump button while you're doing it too? Comes up with some pretty cool stuff.

Some Bloke
05-06-07, 22:12

05-06-07, 22:15
I knew that you can do some insane flips by flicking your fingers across X and O over and over.

05-06-07, 22:23
Wasn't there a move in an earlier TR were you could flip and face the other way? I've found myself having to be more aggressive combat wise (with the mini dinos particularly) and the roll command kept leaving me in the wrong direction. Or it may be all in my head :-)

05-06-07, 22:24
Yeah, the O ones everyone knows but I never knew you could use X as well.

Basically you can do either double O and then use X or O to create different moves or you can start it with a swan dive instead of the first double O. You also seem to be able to do some O flips and then finish with some X ones as well. Were all these in Legend as well?

and I miss the jump-roll too, was very useful.

05-06-07, 22:25
Heh, I'm out of practice then!

05-06-07, 22:26
On PC, you hit shift and forward constantly. You do really awesome jumps that way! You should try it! :p

05-06-07, 22:28
Is there a PS2 equivalent? Cheers

05-06-07, 22:33
Shift is roll on PC then?

Try pressing whatever jump is after you've done shift a couple of times, that's what I made this topic for really :P