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Zac Medley
06-06-07, 09:16

I'm new here, fairly new any way. I just found out about this introductions/birthdays thing yesterday.

I'm an AOD fan, having started with it on PS2 because it was cheap, used, for $5 at gamestop. Little did I know what an effect it would have on my life - good thing I'm single...

Now I have the PC version ($10 Amazon, inc. shipping!) and I am modding outfits.

Check out the AOD Mod Release Thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=96709).

Tell me how to rip the music from AOD someone, will ya?

Alex Fly
06-06-07, 09:17
Welcome ! :wve:

06-06-07, 09:25
I've already seen you at the AoD forum, but here's an official hello and welcome :wve:

06-06-07, 09:56

06-06-07, 10:24
Welcome! :wve:

06-06-07, 11:33
A warm welcome to the forum Zac :wve:

06-06-07, 11:55
Welcome to the forums, Zac! :wve:

06-06-07, 12:07
HELLO :wve:

The Weeper

Tomb Raider Master
06-06-07, 12:13
Welcome, Zac. :wve:

06-06-07, 13:05
Welcome to the forums :wve:

06-06-07, 13:20
Hi there Zac :wve: Enjoy your stay!

06-06-07, 14:50
Welcome, I hope you enjoy it here. :D

06-06-07, 16:25
Welcome, Zac.

06-06-07, 23:00

07-06-07, 00:43
:wve: Hello Zac Medley :wve: Welcome to the forum
Duke fan? I like you already!

(Just a small thing, Sigs here are only one line. Thanx :tmb:)

Zac Medley
07-06-07, 09:26
Well, this is a new one for me, actually being welcomed to a forum. You folk are great. I'm a member of another modding forum but it must be the ultra snobby elite version of modders because they are falling over themselves to be mean to noobs.

I expect I'll be around, doing my own thing, not particularly concerned about what everyone else is doing. It seems like there are plenty of folk modding Legend and Anniversary, so I'll just plod along posting stuff for AOD as I generate stuff that i'm satisfied with.

I'm glad to be here.

p.s. Tomb Raider being English (should I say British?) I notice that a lot of you are in England or Europe. I'm English, at least I was, once... I came to the U.S. 19 years ago and sort of got stranded, But I was raised in Somerset (no jokes about tractors, please).

07-06-07, 13:26
Welcome aboard :wve: